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Writix.co.uk review

Essay writing review services are supposed to take a weight off your mind. They’re supposed to make it easier for you to focus on getting your work done on time and handed in. Writix does that, but you might be out of luck if you’re hoping for a decent grade.

So if you’ve been thinking about getting Writix to help you out with your assignments, perhaps you should think twice – or at the very least, you should read this Writix review to get a better idea of what to expect from them.

Price, Discounts and Deadlines
Writix.co.uk is towards the middle of the market in terms of its pricing structure, and that wouldn’t be too bad if the quality was there. The problem is that if you’re paying mid-tier prices, you should expect a mid-tier service, and Writix doesn’t really deliver that. We weren’t able to find any discount vouchers or special offers for first-time customers, either.

In terms of deadlines, this is one of the areas where Writix.co.uk isn’t too bad. Once they’ve accepted a deadline, they tend to be pretty good about meeting it, although from time to time they struggle with availability and so you might not be able to book it in. Bear in mind too that if you need a rapid turnaround time, you might have to pay a little more for the privilege.

The quality of Writix’s papers is really what lets them down, and that’s a shame because it’s the most basic thing that you’d expect from an assignment writing service. When you’ve worked with enough writers, you start to get a feel for their ability level, and Writix’s work reeks of being written by someone who speaks English as a second language.

That can cause problems, not least because most academic papers are graded at least to a certain extent based on the quality of the written English. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get much better when it comes to actually addressing the topics of the essay. When we provided a brief for them, it came back with a bunch of filler content, as well as a number of sections that were either irrelevant or which didn’t go into enough detail.

Here, it probably depends on what you want the essay for. If it’s for some sort of demo or because you want to publish it on your website to bring in visitors, Writix might be good enough. If you’re handing it in because you want to get a good grade for your university course, though, then you might want to look elsewhere, or even to splash out a little extra cash on a premium supplier.

Money-Back Guarantee
Writix doesn’t provide any sort of money-back guarantee as far as we can tell, which is potentially another reason to look elsewhere. Seeing as the quality of the company’s essays is (rightfully) in question, we would have hoped for a money-back guarantee or some other form of a returns process, but as far as we can tell, you’re pretty much on your own. You’ll just have to hope that they get it right the first time or that if you do have significant amends, that they’ll be happy to make those changes for you.

Final Verdict
All in all, and as you can probably tell from the rest of this Writix review, we wouldn’t recommend going with them, and that’s for a variety of reasons. The main one, though, is that for the money that you’re paying, you can find much better quality if you head elsewhere.

If Writix had lower prices, we think they’d be a much more appealing choice, if only for those who are looking for something cheap and cheerful. The problem is that they’re in the middle of the market in terms of their pricing, and yet the quality of their papers is much closer to what we’d expect from an entry level company.

So if you’ve been thinking about using the service but you wanted to check out some Writix.co.uk reviews before you went ahead and made a purchase, here’s what we’d suggest: consider going out and looking at some other providers instead. Good luck with your assignment.

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