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Urgentessayhelp.co.uk review

UrgentEssayHelp.co.uk is an online provider of writing services for college and university students. They present themself as the best essay writing service UK and promise to offer brilliant essays, research papers, and dissertation papers to anyone who needs them. At first glance, the website looks professional, but at a closer look, we found that plenty of reliable information is missing. UrgentEssayHelp.co.uk does not display on their website the exact way in which you can place an order. Most reputable companies show their clients step-by-step guidelines on how to place an order. Then, we could not see there any free samples that students could check before placing an actual order. These samples would help you check on the quality and see if this is something you are looking for.

There is an online calculator available, but it is useless. It does not work well when we tried to calculate the cost of a 10-page essay in Literature. We could not find out the price we need to pay before placing an order. UrgentEsayHelp does not have the best website out there, and we consider that there are plenty of tools missing such as: an online price calculator that works, a short biography of the available writers, free samples, types of papers available and so on. Keep reading to find out even more details about Urgent Essay Help.

General Overview
This UrgentEssayHelp.co.uk review will help you understand the truth about this company. Should you place your next essay order here? Should you trust the writers with help on your important essay? We will disclose to you everything you need to know in this UrgentEssayHelp.co.uk review. This is an honest and unbiased review. Our team of highly skilled experts has thoroughly tested the entire website and the writers to bring you all the important details.

Once you check out the main website, you will notice the Order Now button. In our opinion, before inviting you to buy, they should enlist the reasons why you should place your order there. For example, they do not enlist the available Guarantees. These should include a Money Back guarantee, the confidentiality guarantee, or the no plagiarism guarantee. Then, in this UrgentEssayHelp review, we can also disclose that they state they are fair with prices but they do not specify the exact starting price for one page of writing (for example, essays starting at $10 per page).

Prices and Discounts
For this Urgent Esay Help review, we have checked all the aspects of this company. Unfortunately, on their website there is no separate section enlisting the prices charged or the discounts available. We only know that one page of writing starts at about $8, but this is not too clear either. While trying to check the exact cost of a short essay, the calculator did not give us any result. We went one step further and contacted the support department. There, they told us that all the information we need is available on the website.

Certainly, we asked them about the prices charged, and we did not receive an answer. We consider this company is quite shady, especially when they do not inform any visitor about the exact costs. There are also no discounts available whatsoever. Instead, we could find a few short guarantees such as Plag-Free content, Thorough proofreading, Free revisions and on-time delivery. Most available UrgentEssayHelp.co.uk reviews also show many complains that the service does not display its prices.

Quality and Deadlines
They promised on-time delivery of each paper, and we wanted to check this fact. We placed an order for an essay in History. They missed or deadline by 4 days, and the quality was very poor. The essay was not accurate in facts, and it clearly contained plagiarism. We gave the writers all the information that must be included, but they did not include these facts. Many UrgentEssayHelp reviews also complained that the quality of their papers was very poor. We consider these essays were not written by someone with an MA or PhD degree in a relevant field.

Customer Reviews
The following UrgentEssayHelp reviews will help you understand why you should not choose this service. You should not go through trial and error, and this way you will not lose your time and money on something that is not worth.

“I recently bought an essay in Literature from them. The essay was a complete disaster and it cost a fortune. I will never use them again for my papers”

“My teacher asked me to write a complex paper in Physics. I am not good at writing, so I hired the writers available here. They totally messed up my paper, and also missed the deadline. I didn’t receive any discounts at all…”

“I do not recommend their service. Poor writing& very poor communication”

“If you are looking for a well drafted Literature essay, you should not rely on this service. They delivered a plagiarism filled essay and of course I could not use it…but I had to pay for it. Search for something else”

Final Verdict
Summing it up, we do not recommend the services of this company to any student. They provide very little useful information on their website, and you cannot check the cost of a paper before actually placing your order. Even according to several genuine reviews, it is not worth investing your time and money in this service. They offer very poor-quality papers, and you can never know who wrote your paper. There are many reliable online sources available that can help you find a reputable writing service charging affordable prices and offering decent quality papers in all fields.

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