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Proassignment.co.uk review

Located in the UK, proassignment gets an average of 2.5 out of 5 in its online reviews. The site itself could do with a good proofread by a Native English editor to get rid of the quirks and bumps in the text but otherwise, it is a solid offering. Proassignment.co.uk is also boring to look at. It seems more geared to something an engineering firm would produce but it seems to do the job of attracting students to its services.

The pro assignment writers each hold advanced degrees and for the most part, they do top notch work. That includes everything from a basic essay all the way to a detailed dissertation paper. Other services include formatting, referencing, citations and much more.

Online feedback praises the quick and efficient customer service, though some users would prefer to not have to get rid of the live chat popup on every page. You can contact the site any time of the day or night to make an order.

Pricing here is more affordable than other sites but can get a bit pricey if you have a short deadline or a very technical subject matter. Total prices depend on the length of the paper, the urgency and the quality level you choose. Simply click on the Pricing tab, input your needs and you’ll have a quote right away.

Urgency is the biggest factor in the total cost of your paper. For example, a basic essay with a 10-day deadline costs between £9.09 and £10.49. With a deadline of 24 hours, the prices go up to £17.49 to £18.89. The difference per page between the different quality levels is minimal.

Depending on the assignment, you can choose a deadline of several months to 24 hours. Some sites offer shorter deadlines, but this one does not.

Unlike other writing sites, Proassignment does not have a wide range of advertised discounts. When you order, there’s a place for a discount code, so it appears that the site does offer price reductions if you can find them.

Other sites offer first-time discounts and multiple order discounts, but if this site does so, it’s not advertised anywhere. For students on a budget, any discount is beneficial, so it pays to ask a live support representative what the current discounts are.

Considering the already lower prices, it’s fair to say that Pro Assignment is one of the more affordable UK paper writing sites out there.

Additional Features
The site offers a money back guarantee for papers that don’t meet specifications or requirements. Its list of guarantees isn’t as long as some others, but you are assured that if the paper isn’t delivered on time or is poor quality, you’ll get a refund.

There are also some extras that you can take advantage of. Papers are checked for plagiarism and there are also free revisions. Formatting and highly educated writers are other free perks you can take advantage of. Customer support is also available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

All in all, Pro Assignment is a good site for a variety of papers at affordable prices. Discounts would make the site even more appealing. Great customer service and speedy delivery are to be expected with each order.

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