Newassignmenthelp is a UK-based online writing service that claims to provide all the essay-help that a student might need. They assert that they have completed more than 3700 orders successfully, satisfying more than 1600 students. Furthermore, they go on to state that their team comprises of expert writers who are dedicated to providing customized work to students.

However, as we will see in this Newassignmenthelp review, all these claims are unfounded and up for debate. Not only is this assignment writing service not up to industry standards, but it also ends up scamming students time and time again due to negligence and poor work ethics.

Academic Writing Services Offered

This assignment writing company offers very few services, which is not indicative of a professional writing service. Everywhere you look, you are bound to find only negative New assignment help reviews, and this here is one of the reasons why. The list of services is short enough to be counted on two hands. Let’s see what they are:

  • Term papers
  • Research Papers
  • Dissertations
  • Book and Movie Reviews
  • Theses
  • Articles
  • Admission Essays
  • Personal Statements
  • PowerPoint presentations

And that’s about it. What’s worse is that these assignments are only available for management, education, history, and some other subjects. Many other important subjects like healthcare, social care, and engineering are totally forgone. If you need writing help for these, you may have to look elsewhere.

Price Models and Payment Options

You will be surprised to find that most Newassignmenthelp reviews end up bashing this service mainly for their extortionate prices. If you require an essay in a day, be prepared to pay them £18.89 per page for premium quality. For longer deadlines, the price level does come down, but only marginally. These prices are some of the highest we have ever seen. Also, they accept various payment methods like credit cards and PayPal, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to taking your money.

If you are on a budget and require online assignment help, we suggest you look elsewhere. Instead, you should scout for some other essay writing service UK. Although their prices are listed neatly on a dedicated page, they are far from being all-inclusive. Once you order, you will find that there are many hidden fees that you will have to pay to ensure that you get a paper of decent quality that is proofread and plagiarism-free. And yet, there are no guarantees that that is what you will get. For all their advertisements, this is not a cheap essay writing service UK.

Discounts and Loyalty Program

The only saving grace for Newassignmenthelp comes in the form of discounts. There is a 25% discount on all orders which is something of a relief for students since it can bring the price down by an appreciable amount.

However, for the purposes of our Newassignmenthelp review, when we looked for student testimonials we found that this is only catered to first-time users and not everyone. There is also no loyalty program to entice the customer to return to the website. Many reviews have also noticed that the company purposefully keeps the prices high so as to make the first-time discount that much more appealing.

Paper Quality

Let’s look at one of the most important features of any assignment service – quality. This is one area that can either make or break the company. Alas! Here too it delivers nothing but disappointment. The essay writing UK service claims to have writers that have at least a Masters’s degree but, looking at the content, we find it extremely hard to believe.

On various student testimonials and reviews, this problem comes up constantly. If you are the type who goes through the paper received in order to learn how to write an assignment, we caution you against it. Not only will you not learn anything of use, but what you have already learned will also be washed away.

Website Usability

The website is the thing that beguiles the students first. It is well organized and has a lot of information on the home page itself. Even though it feels a bit outdated, we didn’t find anything else that got in our way.

Customer Care and Support

The customer support offered by is pretty lousy, to say the least. Their entire customer handling is done inefficiently and with no zeal to solve customer problems whatsoever. When writing for this Newassignmenthelp review, we got in touch with them and found them unprofessional and downright rude.


You can ask the company – “do my UK assignment ” but it is nothing less than gambling. You should only pay them what you are already ready to lose. Newassignmenthelp is a major fraudulent company that we would never recommend to anyone. Hopefully, after reading this review, you can understand why this company is so infamous in the industry. Review

At first glance, Assignment Desk looks like a highly professional service due to their great website design. However, after some careful evaluating of all the features, we discover what you would call ‘the company’s dirty little secret’. This secret does not indicate that the company had bad content or is one of those scam services that do not deliver the papers, but it says a lot about the company’s marketing strategy and tricks.

For starters, let’s have a look at the key features they offer:

  • 100% original and result-oriented
  • Affordable and economical prices
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Work delivered within deadline

Types of Services

If you take a look at the company’s website, you might get the impression that this service offers only assignments, essays, coursework, dissertations and research papers. However, when you enter the ordering form, you will find that there are several other choices. Regardless, the range of services offered is still very limited with this service.

The number of services offered is eleven, and according to the list, this company does not even provide some of the most popular papers such as term papers and articles. This is very concerning since most students prefer a company that can deliver all the papers they need instead of only a few of them.

Prices and Payment Methods

Four deadline options are also very limiting, especially since the shortest deadline offered is 24 hours. However, the prices here are some of the cheapest we have seen on the market, which makes the company an excellent choice for those that fight a very limited budget. That is, of course, if the quality of papers is good.

The starting rate is £8.99 per page and ranges up to £27.99 per page. There are three quality options to choose from: 2:2 standard, 2:1 standard, and first-class quality. Payments are done via PayPal, credit cards and the Western Union.

Discounts and Special Offers

In addition to the first-time discount of 15%, this company offers some limited special offers, depending on the period when you decide to order. This is actually the only discount offered, since the company mentions no bulk discounts or a loyalty program.

While you can actually get a bulk discount by discussing this with the customer service, the lack of loyalty program is what concerns us most. A company simply cannot provide benefits for new customers and forget them once they become returning customers.

Quality of the Paper

Since the prices were excellent for a student’s budget, we decided to order a research paper from this service. Interestingly, this is one of the very few papers they provide, and it wasn’t even added to the list of choices in the ordering form. We chose the option ‘other’ and wrote down the specific requirements, asking specifically for a research paper.

Despite the fact that the customer service confirmed they deliver research papers, the writer who worked on ours didn’t really seem to have an idea of what a research paper should look like. Instead of the research paper format and writing style, we got what seemed like a badly written essay, without any proofreading of the numerous mistakes in the content.

Is the Site Easy to Use?

Here is the point where we tell you the secret – if you look really, really close, this website is exactly the same as and! The design of all websites is different, but all the features are the same. Starting from the exact same price list and services list, to some details such as the live chat design and conversations with their agents, this is definitely the same company.

Even though this is not the level of a scam of other dangerous writing services, it still is the scam. Trying to sell papers from various different websites is not illegal, but it certainly makes for a tricky and suspicious marketing strategy.

Customer Support

The customer service at is excellent. They accepted our request for a revision and were polite during the entire revision period. Still, the writer did very poorly even with the second revision.


Assignment Desk is a cheap writing service, but not one we would recommend. Not only this website contains false information and is just one of the many websites created by a single company, but their writers are actually bad at doing their job. Review

Dissertationplanet is an UK based dissertation writing company that has been providing assistance to students worldwide for several years. Despite the fact that their website has really nice design, its content should be definitely improved in order to provide some essential information regarding the background and previous experience of this company. The company offers some examples of papers that were written in past, but after detailed analysis, it is obvious that their quality is not sufficient for achieving high grades.

Dissertation planet offers several types of services. Those are writing of dissertations, essays, research papers, assignments, coursework, and many others. Compared to some other similar companies, this one does not include all services that are covered by companies specialized for dissertation writing, such as statistical analysis, or similar.

If you are interested in the offer of dissertationplanet you can contact them via online chat, and email. They do not provide telephone number or address.

Prices offers very clear pricing table with all required information regarding the total cost per page. The most important factors that determine the total cost are writing standard and deadline.

This company offers 3 writing standards. Those are 2:2 Standard, 2:1 Standard, and First Class. Deadline goes from less than 48 hours, up to more than 6 days. It is noticeable that this company cannot work on job requests with short deadline, what is the case with many other competitors.

Some examples of price calculation are:

– For one page of paper written according to the 2:2 Standard with more than 6 days deadline price is £8.99.
– For one page of paper written according to the 2:1 Standard with 4-5 days deadline price is £16.99.
– For one page of paper written according to the First Class Standard with less than 6-12 hours deadline price is £32.95.


According to the website of this company, it does not offer any type of discount, despite the fact that this is the case with many other companies that work in this sector. In addition, it is not stated what features each paper includes and whether or not this company gives free bibliography, title page, table of content and similar features.

Special features

Compared to similar companies, this one does not offer anything particularly specific. Every paper includes unlimited revisions, and it is 100% plagiarism free, but these features are included in offers of all other competitors. review

Essay writing is a difficult task. You need to spend hours of reading, writing, and then proofreading your work. If you do not have the necessary free time to fulfill your academic writing tasks such as essays, research papers or a dissertation you can reach out for help. is a writing services provider, and according to their website they write all kinds of academic papers for both college and university students.

Would you like to find out more about MyCystomEssay? We have invested time and effort into thoroughly reviewing this service. You will find out everything you need to know about the prices charged, the quality level offered, communication options with the experts, available discounts and more. Can you trust MyCustomEssay for all your important academic papers? Keep reading to find out.

General Overview
The website of My Custom Essay looks professional but extremely simple. It is almost empty, and there is very little good quality information available. Typically, a well-structured writing service website should include the following:

Price calculator- so that students can instantly find out how much they have to pay for an essay, a research paper or any other service they need. Unfortunately, in this review we can disclose to you that you will not find here a price calculator
Writer presentation/ short bio of the writers- here, usually the writers are introduced, their achievements and a few details about their academic background.
Describing the services offered- on this website, they do not enlist/describe the services offered. However, this would help students see if the service offers the type of paper that they need
On the website of the company, they only display a few call to action phrases, and at the bottom of the page they have a FAQ section. In our opinion, this is very poor marketing, and they do not offer enough information to a visitor interested to place an order here. We hope this review will help you make the right decision, and get all the information you need before you order anything here.

Prices and Discounts
While compiling this MyCustomEssay review, we have thoroughly reviewed the prices and discounts section. Writing starts at $17.55/page and they promise to offer unique content, in-depth research for the content, accurate referencing and a well streamlined structure for your paper. You need to pay separately for editing, which starts at $11.70 per page and this is very expensive. In our opinion, the price of the editing should be incorporated in the writing price. Instead, you need to pay $11.70 in addition to the $17.55 for each page you order here. reviews also discuss about the inconvenience of having to pay separately for proofreading. You have to pay a minimum of $9.95 for each page, only for proofreading. We know from a vast experience in reviewing writing services that you never have to pay separately for proofreading. Basically, proofreading means to check spelling and grammar and fix any typos within a text. Proofreading should be performed by the writers immediately after finishing the writing process, to ensure they send you a well-structured and accurate piece of content.

Quality and Deadlines
While reading many genuine MyCustomEssay reviews, we came across many complaints regarding deadlines. Customers said that writers kept missing important deadlines even by one week or more. Respecting deadlines is extremely important because students need to hand in their papers on a fixed date. Moreover, the best essay writing services UK even send papers sooner than the deadline to give the students the opportunity to thoroughly check their papers before handing them in.

Unfortunately, the writers here also missed our deadline by 5 days. Overlooking this fact, the quality of the essays we ordered was extremely poor. The papers they sent us were not well-edited, even though we paid separately for editing. We also paid for proofreading, but we could still find typos and spelling mistakes within the text. The essays were not properly referenced as they promise on the website, and our papers were definitely not written by someone with an MA or PhD in the field.

Customers Reviews
Customer reviews are highly important reference points. These reviews help you make a wise decision before placing an order. Let’s check out a few genuine customer reviews regarding the writing services offered by MyCustomEssay:

“They promised to offer me a custom essay, which means an essay based completely on my instructions. They did not follow my guideline at all, but my paper was filled with plagiarism. Now I can throw out the paper because I cannot use it. I do not recommend them”

“I had to pay almost $50 per page for an essay that was very poorly written. I do not understand why they charge separately for editing and separately for proofreading…they are almost one and the same thing. A waste of time and money..”

“I will never order again from them. The writers managed to ruin my Dissertation paper. I only ordered a few chapters, and now I can start again. The chapters contained several mistakes, and the work was not properly referenced. I also had in mind ordering an essay from them, but now I will search for another service.”

Final Verdict
After thoroughly reviewing this service, we can say that we do not recommend them. Firstly, they do not have a professional approach to your request. They do not respect the deadlines or the guidelines that you offer them, and this means they do not respect their customer. The quality of the papers is low, and they charge an expensive price for writing. We recommend you should research in-depth and look for a company that offers good papers at an affordable cost. review

With some of the most affordable pricing on the market, UKAssignmentsHelp can meet the needs of all kinds of students, no matter their age or academic level.

British writers can work on virtually any assignment, from a high school essay all the way to a dissertation for a Ph.D. In addition, they also offer law writing, dissertation chapters, editing and proofreading. reviews say that the site has decent customer service, which you can contact anytime. They usually get back to you quickly, but you would need to wait in some instances. Even though the diversity of available assignments isn’t as wide as other sites, you should be happy with the work done here.

The pricing of a paper is determined by the quality, deadline, length and subject area. To get a quote, simply click on the Pricing tab at the top of the home page. You can then order your paper based on your needs and you’ll get a handy quote right away.

The best price will come with a longer deadline and costs go up the more quickly you need the paper. The pricing difference among quality levels is a bit more spread out than other sites and you may find that the lowest quality is fine for a basic paper. You’ll pay £5 more per page with each jump in quality level, which is, disappointingly, considerably higher than most other sites.

Prices start at £14.99 for the lowest quality and go up to £38.99 for the highest quality. Longer papers and shorter deadlines increase the price, with a range of £23.99 to £33.99 with a 24-hour deadline.

There isn’t a standard set of discounts for the site, but if you sign up with your name and email, you can get a discount code sent to you. Other sites offer discounts on first orders and multiple orders, but it doesn’t seem like you’ll find that at this site.

If you have time to wait for a discount code to be emailed to you, you can save a decent amount of money on your assignment. For students on a budget, this can be a relief. However, it would be easier if codes were offered right on the site.

The reputation of Ukassignmentshelp aligns with the prices, and you’ll get a decent quality paper for the money you’ll spend. If you spend a lot of time on the site, you may come across an advertised discount somewhere.

Additional Features
In addition to papers written by professional writers, there are extras. The site checks every paper for plagiarism, there are customer service representatives available 24 hours per day and free revisions are available on all orders.

Unlike other sites, there isn’t a big difference between extra features among the quality levels. Each seems to offer similar perks. However, there are some extra services that you can pay for at any quality level.

Overall, UKAssignmentsHelp is a decent site for average papers. They offer fair pricing and quick turnaround. Great customer service makes this a site you should try if you have a basic paper that needs doing. review

British essay writers UK might talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? And perhaps more importantly, why do they call themselves that when almost every British essay writers staff member speaks English as a second language?

In fact, this is another area where pretty much every British essay writers review calls them out on it. They claim to be British but are clearly using false names for their emails and if you do manage to get one of them on the telephone, it’s pretty obvious that they’re putting on fake American accents.

It’s probably not the best sign when a provider that you’re thinking of using is routinely lying to their customers, but perhaps you can put that behind you and just think of it as marketing hype. So in that case, is worth going with? Find out now in our british essay writers review.

Price, Discounts and Deadlines
Britishessaywriters is priced towards the middle of the market, and as far as we can tell there are no major discounts or special offers out there for you to take advantage of. In fact, your best chance of getting a discount is probably to order an essay, to complain about it when it inevitably turns out to be sub-standard, and then to hope for a discount on a future project. Unfortunately, the chances are just as good that they’ll totally ignore you.

This is where Britishessaywriters really falls down, and the lack of quality is a common theme throughout every review that we’ve come across. If it’s quality that you’re looking for, you’d honestly be better off asking a kid to write it for you, as long as they speak fluent English.

That’s because almost every paper that we’ve looked at from Britishessaywriters has come back with the kind of basic spelling and grammar mistakes that only a non-native speaker could make. That’s a shame, because you’d hope for better from a company with “British” in its name and the prices that they charge.

Customer Reviews
It’s not just us who are less than impressed with Britishessaywriters, either. If you take a look at any random Britishessaywriters review, the chances are high that you’ll find someone complaining about either the poor customer service or the low quality of the assignment that they eventually delivered.

For example, one customer called Grad wrote,

“There’s no way to contact them. Their WhatsApp doesn’t work, you can’t email them and they never pick up the phone. I’m not even convinced that it’s the right number. They prey on desperate students who need to do well in order to maintain good grades.”

One particularly common theme that we’ve seen in more than one Britishessaywriters review is the company failing to deliver their papers on time. In the vast majority of cases, the customers were only informed on the day of the deadline.

Money-back Guarantees doesn’t offer any money back guarantees, but perhaps that’s not surprising when you consider that half the time, people don’t even receive the essay they ordered – or if they do, it’s not up to the required standard.

One reviewer went so far as to write,

“Stay away from this company unless you want to get scammed out of your money. They’re scammers and thieves and will take your money and give you a terrible piece of work with horrible spelling and grammar.”
And with no money-back guarantee, there’s also no security if they fail to deliver the work on time and up to standard. It’s just not worth the risk.

Final Verdict
With all these different factors in mind, you’d have to be crazy to go with this company as opposed to any of the dozens of others on the market. You’ll get better quality and better value for money literally by just drawing a random company’s name out of a hat, but why do that when there are so many reviews out there? Spend some time looking at some other companies and what people are saying about them before you go ahead and commit. Good luck. review

The most important thing for a writing company is the writers. Of course, people will always be more prone to ordering from more affordable services, but the core of every service is the people who work for it. This is why have based their work on the most qualified writers who help students by writing top-notch content.

Considering that this is one popular service among students, we decided to take a look at not only their team of writers but prices and services, too. Take a look at this review for more information about

Types of Services

Students of all ages can order from this company. The list of services is wide and can be found solely on the bottom of the page. There is no such thing as a service list on the homepage or a separate page for services. This is not really a problem, except that you would have to open each of the list’s options to see exactly what the company offers. Once you decide to do this, it can be really time-consuming.

According to this list, the company offers academic writing, business writing, homework writing, essay writing, research paper writing services, and services for students of higher academic level such as MBA admission letters, PhD dissertations, professional reports and honors thesis.

Pricing’s pricing is good, but a bit complicated to find since there is no pricing list on the website. If you wish to see what you will be charged for the paper, you have to check the price calculator. In order to see this, you need to enter the number of pages, urgency and academic level. Interestingly, the calculator does not request an academic paper choice, which means that the prices are the same for all types of papers and depend solely on these factors.

We found this to be a bit unrealistic, since you cannot expect to pay the same for an essay and a term or research paper. Even if you do, will the quality be the same?

Prices here are affordable, as we said, starting from $10 per page for a paper of high school level with a deadline of 14 days. A professional paper of any type with a deadline of 14 days costs $19 per page. The professional paper part is especially strange since the price applies to both dissertation and a report, for example.


Regarding discounts, the company offers a 5% and 10% off for bulk orders. This discount does not apply to those who order more orders i.e. accumulated orders, but is only applied if you have an order of over $500 or $1000, respectively. Therefore, if you were looking for a place to order your papers from often, do not expect that this company will provide you with lifelong discounts like other companies do.

We found no special offers mentioned on the website at the moment, aside from the first-order discount of 5%. This is a very low first-order discount when compared to other companies that often offer discount even as high as 20%.

Other Information

The company can be contacted via their live chat, toll-free number and Skype. You can pay for your order with the major credit cards.

From what we could see on the website, testimonials are mostly positive, which somewhat counterparts those outside the website. Generally speaking, feedback from customers found outside the website is variable, which means we found both good and bad reviews.

Overall, offers quite a wide range of services and affordable prices. Still, they need to improve their website in terms of information, since we had many difficulties in finding prices or even services. On the other hand, there is a lot of irrelevant content that is time-consuming.

The company does offer discounts, but they are not very inviting. Only if you are ordering a bulk order of over $500 you can enjoy a discount, which is not often the case with many academic types of papers. review is a custom writing service that aims to assist UK students with three types of services. What these services are and what else the company offers, we are about to find out. Check this review for services, pricing, discounts and special offers of

Types of Services

This particular service offers only three types of services: essays, proofreading and dissertations. This is a strange list of services offered since it is not at all similar to those of other services. Sure, essays are the most commonly requested assignments in education, but the choice of dissertations and proofreading as the other two options is unclear.

Having offered only three services limits students in ordering their papers. Dissertations are papers ordered for a higher level of education, while essays are usually assigned to high school students and undergraduates, which means that whoever opts for this service as their provider will remain limited in terms of other papers. If the company decided to be more oriented towards a few services, they should have done this in a way that such services will target one particular level of students.

Interestingly, once you open the pricing page, you can find other services that are not listed on the website. So, you can also order other services from this company, including: model answers, coursework assignments, personal statements, posters, presentations, exam notes, curriculum vitae, paraphrasing and exam preparation. Even in this list, we did not find some of the most essential papers for students like research papers or term papers. Not being able to cover all necessary assignment is a big disadvantage, which makes such companies lose many customers.


Perhaps the reason is the complexity of the dissertations, but the prices this company offers are high. Also, students are limited in order since they can only start with 1000 words. If you have an order that is smaller than this, you should look elsewhere.

Additionally, the discounts vary depending on the number of words ordered. The prices depend on the paper type, academic level and year of academic studying, delivery time, paper’s length and time for revisions.

Not only the prices are expensive, but the company limits students in asking for revisions for duration of 7 days. If you want to have the chance to ask for more revisions, you would have to pay extra £105.00 for this ‘privilege’. This is a bit concerning, since if the paper you receive is not of high quality, you are extremely limited in time to ask for revisions.

An essay of 1000 words with a deadline of 14 days delivery will cost £199.50, which is one of the highest prices we have seen on such websites. And we are speaking of an essay for an undergraduate level!


Once we saw the prices, we assumed that the company has intentionally made them higher in order to be able to entice visitors with bigger discounts. We could not have been more wrong. The website does not indicate of any discounts or special offer whatsoever. Therefore, if you are looking for a first-order discount or a company that will provide you with better prices if you order more, you should look elsewhere.

The only special offer on the website is the free features. These features are the commonly offered free choices such as bibliography, quality check, quality report, plagiarism scan and plagiarism report.

Other Information

There is a live chat you can teach 24/7, a phone number and an email provided for contact on the website.

Generally speaking, is a reputable service that provides quality papers, but does so for an extremely high price. They do not offer discounts and are very limited in terms of services. This is probably a reason for many students looking elsewhere. Not only they are limited in ordering all their papers from one place, but they also have to spend a fortune in ordering from this service. review

Would you be interested in paying the ‘best prices ever’? Well, this is exactly what promises to offer to its customers, which is why we decided to peek into their prices, discounts and additional features.

Established back in 2009, this company has created one of the best websites we have seen. However, despite the unique, trendy design, the website needs some serious improvement in terms of content.

For example, even though they have two pages for services, none of them provides students with a full list of what the company offers. In order to see this, customers need to check the ordering form and select their paper from the dropdown menu.

After checking this, we have established that the company has a limited list of academic services, including essays, coursework, assignments, dissertations, theses, research proposals, literature reviews, case studies and PowerPoint slides. The lack of some important papers such as research papers and term papers is a bit concerning.

There are several ways to get in touch with British Assignments Help: phone, e-mail, live chat and online contact form.

Prices at start at £8.99 per page and range up to £27.99 per page, depending on the deadline and quality level. There are four deadline options to choose from: 24 hours, 48 hours, 3-5 days and 6+ days; and three quality standards: 2:2 standard, 2:1 standard and First Class standard.

These are affordable prices, but we would not call them the best on the market. Why? Because you cannot expect to receive a high-quality paper for a rate that is insufficient to hire quality writers to work on it. It is pure logic!

The only mention of a discount is ‘special offer 15% discount’. However, there is no code that accompanies it, or an explanation as to who can use this discount and when. For this reason, we decided to get in touch with customer service.

We used the live chat option, which turned out to be highly effective and prompt. However, the agent did not want to give us information about the discount of 15% and said discounts are based on type of paper, number of pages and urgency. Apparently, you have to contact the customer service every time you want to order from this company, and it is up to them how big a discount they will provide.

This is a ridiculous and frustrating approach. A company cannot expect its customers to spend valuable time asking for discounts with every order, never knowing how high or low that discount will be.

In our case, we got 10% off our paper. It was neither the 15% discount, nor the ‘up to 40% discount’ that appears in the form of a popup on every page.

Additional Features
We are unsure if the company offers free or paid features, since there is no such information on the website.

All things considered, is not a company we would rank high when it comes to writing services. Even though their pricing is extremely low, the company has a poor discount policy and a short list of academic papers. review

Nowadays, custom-writing services become more and more single-service oriented, which means that they focus on providing solely one type of service to their customers. While this has the huge advantage of paying a service that is actually specialized in one particular type of paper instead of many, the disadvantage of being limited in choice is a big one, too.

ESSAY WRITING SERVICES REVIEWS is one of the companies that offer only essay services to their customers. This review should show you whether this is the best choice for your essays and whether the service is a true expert in terms of this type of assignments.

Types of Services

As we said, is limited in terms of services since they offer solely one type – essays. However, the range of essay types is quite wide because they actually offer their expertise for any possible type of essays.

The company has a limited number of writers because they strive for hiring only the best. At this point, they have approximately 50 writers, out of which less than half are from the UK. Even though this may be great if these writers are as good as they promise, this may be a problem for students if they cannot handle all the orders and have to decline some.


Prices depend on number of pages, urgency and quality of paper. There are three categories of paper quality: Basic, Premium and Platinum. The prices between the three are not extremely different and usually go £1 higher than the lower quality.

From what we could see on their price lists, prices are affordable. The cheapest essay page comes with a deadline of 10 days and costs £7.99, while the most expensive one is £19.99 per page with a deadline of 6 hours.

Even though the prices are relatively affordable, the lack of privacy policy is very concerning. Not offering privacy guarantee is a serious disadvantage of companies that offer writing services.


Aside from the first-order discount of 15%, we found no other discounts or special offers on the website. The first-order discount is inviting, but the lack of lifelong or bulk discounts is concerning. Students who rely on writing services to help them deliver their assignments on time and of high quality often look for policies that offer certain percentage off depending on the accumulated number or pages ordered. In this way, they can pay a much lower price later on, as long as they offer from a same company. does offer free revisions. So, if a customer is not happy with the essay the writer has delivered, they can ask for unlimited revisions. Still, considering that the reviews online for this company are mostly negative, this would mean that students often need revisions. The majority of students do not have the time to wait for revisions, especially if such requests are fulfilled after more than 24 hours.

Other Information

The company offers a 24/7 customer support if you need to contact them. You can do this by the live chat, online form on the website or their phone number.

Customers can pay via PayPal and the major credit cards.

Even though the prices are highly affordable with this service, their discounts are not very inviting. You may find the first order discount of 15% to be very intriguing, but there is no other advantage offered for you to continue purchasing from this service afterwards. Additionally, the feedback we found online regarding this service was concerning, which made us doubt their promise of working with the best writers. Not only this points to the fact that their writers are not the best to be found, but it also means that they have limited their number of writers for nothing and are risking not having someone to handle the essays in busy school periods.

Overall, the service is good for those who wish to purchase their essays for a low price, but is not good if you are on tight deadline. If you have a longer deadline, you can use the free revisions policy they offer, even if your essay is not perfect.