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Oxessays.com review

The websites that contain all the information you need in detail are rare. OxEssays.com is one such website. They are very transparent about the prices, have some samples for customers to look at, and have described all offers in detail. On top of that, the website has a separate page focused on providing OxEssays.com reviews from people who used the service.

It all sounds and looks really good at first. However, after we did some looking and read some OxEssays reviews from customers on other websites, we discovered that this, in fact, is not a popular service. It’s very rare to find an Ox Essays review that resembles the good testimonials on the website. This means that they either pick only the good ones, or create fake testimonials to convince customers to buy.

Either way, this was not a good start of our OxEssays review. Read on to find out how the rest of it went.

General Overview
When you first open the website, you’ll see a nice design. There’s a lot of content in the pages, even too much at some point. We spent hours researching the website to write this OxEssays review. In addition to learning about their prices and discounts, we also read up on their guarantees and promises. At this point of our OxEssays.com review, we were ready to make our order.

Prices and Discounts
This is a nicely-priced website. Their pricing is lower than that of high-rated companies we’ve spoken about on this website. If the quality is as good as they promise, such offers would be very tempting. For example, they have prices such as:

$13.99 per page for an A level essay within 14 days
$20.99 per page for an undergraduate essay within 7 days
$23.99 per page for a Master’s level research paper within 10 days
$17.99 per page for a PhD dissertation within 2 months
As you can see, these prices are even better than one would expect, especially since the company brags about their experienced and talented writers. On top of this, Ox Essays has nice discounts such as the 19% off they give to newcomers, or the 5% to 15% loyalty program discounts given to regulars.

In addition to these offers, the website is known to have occasional promotions and special deals for which you need to enter a discount code when making your order. To be more, customers can add some extra features to their order before they proceed to make the payment, such as hire the top writers, get extra proofreading, etc.

Quality and Deadlines
This is where we realized why the company was as unpopular as the comments told us. OxEssays doesn’t hire the people they claim to work with. Our research paper could not have possibly been written by a PhD expert as we requested when we placed it. In fact, if you read it, you’ll get the impression that the person who wrote it isn’t even fluent in the English language, not to mention native speaker.

There were many strange mistakes in the content. Some of the paragraphs made no sense and none of them were connected with the ones that preceded or followed them. The formatting was yet another disaster. There was nothing to indicate that the writer even read our instructions for the paper. It was full of mistakes, making us believe that no one even turned on a spell checker before they sent it out.

With so many promises made and broken, we were really disappointed with how this part went. There was no revision that could fix this, especially since 38% of the paper ended up being plagiarized.

Even so, we asked for a free revision in addition to asking for a refund. We were supposed to get a refund based on their many mentioned guarantees, but they rejected it right away (and rather rudely, too). In the end, they even said that we aren’t eligible for their free revisions. If copied content filled with mistakes does not demand a free revision, what does?

Customer Reviews
Ona Klein: “I won’t be using this company ever again. They lied to me about so many things. They missed my deadline by two hours. Even if they did, I would never submit what they sent me. It resembled a high school student paper, and I’m a university student!”

Armando Fadel: “This company is disappointing on many levels. Their prices are really good, which is what made me buy from them. But if I could go back to read some testimonials before I did this, I would have never ordered there. The paper I received was almost fully copied from a page I found online!”

Fredrick Reynolds: If you want good prices, this is a nice choice. If you want quality, get as far away from it as possible. There are many better companies with similar prices.

Final Verdict
Customers don’t have many good things to say about OxEssays and neither do we. The company is lying about many things, starting from their writers’ expertise to their guarantees. Even though they’ll charge you very little, chances are you’ll get poor quality and no revisions or refunds at all.

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