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Mycustomessay.com review

Essay writing is a difficult task. You need to spend hours of reading, writing, and then proofreading your work. If you do not have the necessary free time to fulfill your academic writing tasks such as essays, research papers or a dissertation you can reach out for help. MyCustomEssay.com is a writing services provider, and according to their website they write all kinds of academic papers for both college and university students.

Would you like to find out more about MyCystomEssay? We have invested time and effort into thoroughly reviewing this service. You will find out everything you need to know about the prices charged, the quality level offered, communication options with the experts, available discounts and more. Can you trust MyCustomEssay for all your important academic papers? Keep reading to find out.

General Overview
The website of My Custom Essay looks professional but extremely simple. It is almost empty, and there is very little good quality information available. Typically, a well-structured writing service website should include the following:

Price calculator- so that students can instantly find out how much they have to pay for an essay, a research paper or any other service they need. Unfortunately, in this MyCustomEssay.com review we can disclose to you that you will not find here a price calculator
Writer presentation/ short bio of the writers- here, usually the writers are introduced, their achievements and a few details about their academic background.
Describing the services offered- on this website, they do not enlist/describe the services offered. However, this would help students see if the service offers the type of paper that they need
On the website of the company, they only display a few call to action phrases, and at the bottom of the page they have a FAQ section. In our opinion, this is very poor marketing, and they do not offer enough information to a visitor interested to place an order here. We hope this MyCustomEssay.com review will help you make the right decision, and get all the information you need before you order anything here.

Prices and Discounts
While compiling this MyCustomEssay review, we have thoroughly reviewed the prices and discounts section. Writing starts at $17.55/page and they promise to offer unique content, in-depth research for the content, accurate referencing and a well streamlined structure for your paper. You need to pay separately for editing, which starts at $11.70 per page and this is very expensive. In our opinion, the price of the editing should be incorporated in the writing price. Instead, you need to pay $11.70 in addition to the $17.55 for each page you order here.

MyCustomEssays.com reviews also discuss about the inconvenience of having to pay separately for proofreading. You have to pay a minimum of $9.95 for each page, only for proofreading. We know from a vast experience in reviewing writing services that you never have to pay separately for proofreading. Basically, proofreading means to check spelling and grammar and fix any typos within a text. Proofreading should be performed by the writers immediately after finishing the writing process, to ensure they send you a well-structured and accurate piece of content.

Quality and Deadlines
While reading many genuine MyCustomEssay reviews, we came across many complaints regarding deadlines. Customers said that writers kept missing important deadlines even by one week or more. Respecting deadlines is extremely important because students need to hand in their papers on a fixed date. Moreover, the best essay writing services UK even send papers sooner than the deadline to give the students the opportunity to thoroughly check their papers before handing them in.

Unfortunately, the writers here also missed our deadline by 5 days. Overlooking this fact, the quality of the essays we ordered was extremely poor. The papers they sent us were not well-edited, even though we paid separately for editing. We also paid for proofreading, but we could still find typos and spelling mistakes within the text. The essays were not properly referenced as they promise on the website, and our papers were definitely not written by someone with an MA or PhD in the field.

Customers Reviews
Customer reviews are highly important reference points. These reviews help you make a wise decision before placing an order. Let’s check out a few genuine customer reviews regarding the writing services offered by MyCustomEssay:

“They promised to offer me a custom essay, which means an essay based completely on my instructions. They did not follow my guideline at all, but my paper was filled with plagiarism. Now I can throw out the paper because I cannot use it. I do not recommend them”

“I had to pay almost $50 per page for an essay that was very poorly written. I do not understand why they charge separately for editing and separately for proofreading…they are almost one and the same thing. A waste of time and money..”

“I will never order again from them. The writers managed to ruin my Dissertation paper. I only ordered a few chapters, and now I can start again. The chapters contained several mistakes, and the work was not properly referenced. I also had in mind ordering an essay from them, but now I will search for another service.”

Final Verdict
After thoroughly reviewing this service, we can say that we do not recommend them. Firstly, they do not have a professional approach to your request. They do not respect the deadlines or the guidelines that you offer them, and this means they do not respect their customer. The quality of the papers is low, and they charge an expensive price for writing. We recommend you should research in-depth and look for a company that offers good papers at an affordable cost.

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