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Ivoryresearch.com review

If you submit a project to Ivoryresearch.com, they will take it on immediately. However, they may reject and return the paper if there are no writers available. It usually takes them between two to three days to decide if they are going to take your project on, so do not submit work to them that you urgently need. They do not have a large enough team to cope with student demand.

Beware that the backend system is not secure or encrypted, so do not sign up with your usual email address. Get a free email address that you can burn, or use somebody else’s email address when creating your order. Additionally, when paying, use a secure system such as PayPal rather than entering your details.

The biggest concern about ivoryresearch service is its transparency. They claim to be in one of the most prestigious and expensive business addresses in the UK (One Canada Square). Frankly, that’s not believable.

IvoryResearch Prices
In order to get a quote from Ivoryresearch.com, you have to log-in to their system, or you need to make contact with them and get a quote. You need to give your email address, your name and telephone number. You also need to give your project details. It usually takes them between two to six days to answer depending upon the time of year and/or if it is a weekend when you make contact.

Prices vary wildly from one project to the next. The writing staff is limited, which is why they have a habit of agreeing to do projects and then sending them back a few days later without completing them. On the whole, their prices are often very cheap unless you are looking for a larger project to be completed. Prices start at around £6.99 per page, but again, you need to get a personal quote.

Prices start at around £6.99 per page and go up to around £15 per page. These are very cheap prices, but you get what you pay for. This is not a professional writing company. It is clearly a small number of writers who are trying their hand at providing essay writing services. The website claims that they will write 5 dissertations for £39.99, but what they actually mean is that they will provide five outlines for that price.

There are no discounts that come with ivory research, but you are able to negotiate. Send off your request for a quote, and then wait for their reply. If they agree to complete your project for you, then claim you have received cheaper quotes and maybe even fake a few screenshots to prove it. In many cases, if the writers are desperate for work, they will reply with a lower quote.

The prices you pay for their work will vary, but on the whole their prices are typically low. Ivoryresearch.com is a small-time operation with very few writers. If you can convince them to write your paper for you, then they will charge you a lower price. However, in terms of quality, you get what you pay for.

Wait for their quote, and then reply and negotiate for a discount.

Additional Feature
IvoryResearch has very few guarantees. They make claims on how many assignments they have written and things of that nature, but there is very little proof from them in that direction. They also claim that their email response time is 20 minutes, but we found that to be untrue. The website also claims that the writers on their team have at least a 2:1 degree from University, but we were unable to confirm that claim.

The way that the Ivoryresearch.com website is set up is so amateurish that it almost appears juvenile, and yet the self-congratulatory nature of the website seems to reek of arrogance and disdain for the user. If you are strapped for cash and simply cannot afford a genuine writing company, then try this writing company and try to negotiate their prices downwards. If you are looking for top quality work, then Ivoryresearch.com is not the company for you.

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