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Essaywritingserviceuk.co.uk review

Essaywritingserviceuk.co.uk is a custom writing service that aims to assist UK students with three types of services. What these services are and what else the company offers, we are about to find out. Check this review for services, pricing, discounts and special offers of essaywritingserviceuk.co.uk.

Types of Services

This particular service offers only three types of services: essays, proofreading and dissertations. This is a strange list of services offered since it is not at all similar to those of other services. Sure, essays are the most commonly requested assignments in education, but the choice of dissertations and proofreading as the other two options is unclear.

Having offered only three services limits students in ordering their papers. Dissertations are papers ordered for a higher level of education, while essays are usually assigned to high school students and undergraduates, which means that whoever opts for this service as their provider will remain limited in terms of other papers. If the company decided to be more oriented towards a few services, they should have done this in a way that such services will target one particular level of students.

Interestingly, once you open the pricing page, you can find other services that are not listed on the website. So, you can also order other services from this company, including: model answers, coursework assignments, personal statements, posters, presentations, exam notes, curriculum vitae, paraphrasing and exam preparation. Even in this list, we did not find some of the most essential papers for students like research papers or term papers. Not being able to cover all necessary assignment is a big disadvantage, which makes such companies lose many customers.


Perhaps the reason is the complexity of the dissertations, but the prices this company offers are high. Also, students are limited in order since they can only start with 1000 words. If you have an order that is smaller than this, you should look elsewhere.

Additionally, the discounts vary depending on the number of words ordered. The prices depend on the paper type, academic level and year of academic studying, delivery time, paper’s length and time for revisions.

Not only the prices are expensive, but the company limits students in asking for revisions for duration of 7 days. If you want to have the chance to ask for more revisions, you would have to pay extra £105.00 for this ‘privilege’. This is a bit concerning, since if the paper you receive is not of high quality, you are extremely limited in time to ask for revisions.

An essay of 1000 words with a deadline of 14 days delivery will cost £199.50, which is one of the highest prices we have seen on such websites. And we are speaking of an essay for an undergraduate level!


Once we saw the prices, we assumed that the company has intentionally made them higher in order to be able to entice visitors with bigger discounts. We could not have been more wrong. The website does not indicate of any discounts or special offer whatsoever. Therefore, if you are looking for a first-order discount or a company that will provide you with better prices if you order more, you should look elsewhere.

The only special offer on the website is the free features. These features are the commonly offered free choices such as bibliography, quality check, quality report, plagiarism scan and plagiarism report.

Other Information

There is a live chat you can teach 24/7, a phone number and an email provided for contact on the website.

Generally speaking, essaywritingserviceuk.co.uk is a reputable service that provides quality papers, but does so for an extremely high price. They do not offer discounts and are very limited in terms of services. This is probably a reason for many students looking elsewhere. Not only they are limited in ordering all their papers from one place, but they also have to spend a fortune in ordering from this service.

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