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Essaytigers.co.uk review

The most important thing for a writing company is the writers. Of course, people will always be more prone to ordering from more affordable services, but the core of every service is the people who work for it. This is why essaytigers.co.uk have based their work on the most qualified writers who help students by writing top-notch content.

Considering that this is one popular service among students, we decided to take a look at not only their team of writers but prices and services, too. Take a look at this review for more information about essaytigers.co.uk

Types of Services

Students of all ages can order from this company. The list of services is wide and can be found solely on the bottom of the page. There is no such thing as a service list on the homepage or a separate page for services. This is not really a problem, except that you would have to open each of the list’s options to see exactly what the company offers. Once you decide to do this, it can be really time-consuming.

According to this list, the company offers academic writing, business writing, homework writing, essay writing, research paper writing services, and services for students of higher academic level such as MBA admission letters, PhD dissertations, professional reports and honors thesis.


Essaytigers.co.uk’s pricing is good, but a bit complicated to find since there is no pricing list on the website. If you wish to see what you will be charged for the paper, you have to check the price calculator. In order to see this, you need to enter the number of pages, urgency and academic level. Interestingly, the calculator does not request an academic paper choice, which means that the prices are the same for all types of papers and depend solely on these factors.

We found this to be a bit unrealistic, since you cannot expect to pay the same for an essay and a term or research paper. Even if you do, will the quality be the same?

Prices here are affordable, as we said, starting from $10 per page for a paper of high school level with a deadline of 14 days. A professional paper of any type with a deadline of 14 days costs $19 per page. The professional paper part is especially strange since the price applies to both dissertation and a report, for example.


Regarding discounts, the company offers a 5% and 10% off for bulk orders. This discount does not apply to those who order more orders i.e. accumulated orders, but is only applied if you have an order of over $500 or $1000, respectively. Therefore, if you were looking for a place to order your papers from often, do not expect that this company will provide you with lifelong discounts like other companies do.

We found no special offers mentioned on the website at the moment, aside from the first-order discount of 5%. This is a very low first-order discount when compared to other companies that often offer discount even as high as 20%.

Other Information

The company can be contacted via their live chat, toll-free number and Skype. You can pay for your order with the major credit cards.

From what we could see on the website, testimonials are mostly positive, which somewhat counterparts those outside the website. Generally speaking, feedback from customers found outside the website is variable, which means we found both good and bad reviews.

Overall, essaytigers.com offers quite a wide range of services and affordable prices. Still, they need to improve their website in terms of information, since we had many difficulties in finding prices or even services. On the other hand, there is a lot of irrelevant content that is time-consuming.

The company does offer discounts, but they are not very inviting. Only if you are ordering a bulk order of over $500 you can enjoy a discount, which is not often the case with many academic types of papers.

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