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Essaymills.co.uk review

Most students’ dream is to find the best assignment writers in UK who can write an essay for them at an affordable price. EssayMills seems to be the kind of service that can make that dream come true for students. Or can they? It’s important to find out what EssayMills can do for you before you decide to order any kind of writing from them. Not everyone who calls themselves a “professional writer” on the internet is truly professional. Take everything with a pinch of salt. The best way is to look for an EssayMills review like this one to find out what level of trust you can give any service.

General Overview
Just like I advise everyone else in my reviews, I take customer feedback very seriously. In today’s internet world, it’s very hard to escape accountability – especially when you have a critical online service. Before I choose to order a paper from any service, my first action is to always check for customer reviews from trusted sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. These platforms make it easy for you to make a decision.

Before I wrote this EssayMills.co.uk review, I checked for reviews on Trustpilot. There aren’t many reviews on there, to be honest. The site hasn’t paid much attention to their profile, and the reviews there tell you all you need to know about this service.

First, I noticed there’s just one bad review. Before you get all excited, there are only three reviews. The other two good reviews don’t say a lot about the service. The customers only give a general view of how they felt about the service. It’s nothing solid to go with if you really want to know whether you can trust this service or not. It’s not easy to tell what the deliverable’s quality was, if the deadlines were all met, or whether the prices were fair for what was offered.

However, the bad review seems to indicate that the website doesn’t have its own writers, and they seem to source their writers from non-native English writers. The quality of service isn’t that good and the money spent was as good as lost.

There are no EssayMills.co.uk reviews on Sitejabber, which is unfortunate because the site has to have added their profile on the platform, albeit a shallow one. This raises the question, does this site have real customers? I sought to find out what is offered by trying out their service.

Prices and Discounts
The pricing page doesn’t tell you everything you need to know. It’s not clear how much an essay costs. There seems to be this obsession with deadlines. Before I could hit the order button, the first thing I noticed is that you can get a single-page essay for £8 if you are willing to wait for it for 15 days. Obviously, no one is looking for a single-page essay. The only way to find out how much you will be charged for your essay, is to hit the order button and fill out the order form.

On the order form, things look a little different. There are 3 categories of writers who can handle your essay, “Best Available Writer” (cheapest), “Pro writer,” and “Top Writer.” The prices vary for each writer. This is already a red flag. If the paper is college grade, then it should be done by a college graduate who understands the topic. “Best available writer” could be anyone out there who calls themselves an essay writer even though they are not.

Another thing, if we assume that the “Top Writer” is the best of them all, then they don’t need 15 days to write a single page. In my opinion, these prices (or the pricing system) are meant to hoodwink students into buying something that they will later regret. This already looks suspicious.

There are no discounts given for any of the services. My guess is that the £8 is low enough to convince you that you are buying an affordable service. If Essay Mills aims to get professionals to write for you a cheap essay, why include writers who are not qualified – “Best Available Writer.”

Quality and Deadlines
I decided to order a paper anyway. I ordered a 5-page essay which I hoped would be delivered in 2 days. I chose to go with the “Top Writer” category because I wanted the best I could get from the service. The total cost for this was £145. The customer support quickly thanked me and assured me that my paper would be delivered on time. I was also told I could speak directly with my writer during the project to make sure everything was moving on well.

I checked in with my writer after the 48 hours had elapsed. I received my paper without any delays. The writer didn’t communicate during that time, and I figured they understood everything and did not need my insight. What I received was shocking, to say the least. This was not work done by a high school student, let alone a college graduate. The paper was poorly done, with a lot of grammar errors. It wasn’t easy to make out what the writer was trying to communicate.

I sent the paper back and contacted customer support for a refund because I didn’t believe a revision would be any different. The support promised to look into the matter. Two days later, I received an email telling me the paper was okay and that I should contact my writer if I wanted revisions.

Customer Reviews
In my view, most customers who have ever used services from Essay Mills were either so disappointed they didn’t want to write a review, or the site doesn’t have that many customers. The positive reviews littered all over the site are paid reviews. The fact that there are no reviews on Sitejabber tells you what you need to know. The one bad review I saw on Trust Pilot makes more sense than all the positive ones after my experience.


THIS SITE IS A FRAUD. They will keep your payment and not deliver the work. If they do deliver the work it will be very low quality. They outsource the work to foreign writers and exploit the cheap labour. These writers do not have university degrees. DO NOT USE.”

Final verdict
Even if there aren’t many EssayMills reviews to check out before you make a decision, there is plenty about this service that screams poor quality. They have done all they can to convince you to buy a paper from them, but they cannot deliver on that promise. It’s not easy to tell who is doing your paper.

As the bad feedback suggested, they may be outsourcing their work to cheap writers who have never stepped foot in college. The prices aren’t as low as they look unless you want to test them out with a single-page essay that takes 15 days to complete.

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