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Essaydone.co.uk review

Essay services are a friend indeed for students who need that bit of help doing their college papers. EssayDone is a UK essay service that promises to help you get your college essays done the right way and on time. You are probably looking for the best essay writing service and you happened to stumble on EssayDone. If your aim is to find out what to expect from this service, this EssayDone.co.uk review is a good place to start. We’ll take you through what you should expect. Remember, this EssayDone review is written from a first-hand experience with the service. Read on.

General Overview
Before I can trust any site to write my essays (which are very important), I have to find out other people’s experiences. It’s the best way to find out whether you are spending your money right or not. I trust reputable review and rating sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. From Trustpilot, you get the feeling that this site may not be as straightforward as it claims to be. There aren’t too many reviews to go by. It makes you wonder, who are they offering their services to? The site has a 3.2 rating on there, and there aren’t as many reviews to read. There’s one bad review from a customer who wasn’t very pleased with what they got.

However, things are very different on Sitejabber. There isn’t one single bad Essay Done review (at least not at the time of writing this review). There is only high praise for this “Amazing,” “Best Service ever,” and “perfect” website. Suspicious, right? One thing you can tell is that there’s a level of consistency about the EssayDone reviews on Sitejabber. Almost like they’re paid for. The best way to find out how deep a pool is is to take a dive. Here’s what I found out!

Prices and discounts
My experience with essay writing services is that you pay for the work done, not how long it will take to complete the assignment. For Essay Done, this looks like it’s the case. They list how much you can pay depending on how long you are willing to wait. The shorter the deadline, the more you will pay. That tells you everything you need to know. Whoever runs this website has no business running it.

The pricing list doesn’t specify how much they charge for any service. It’s good to know how much they’ll charge you for a 12-page essay, for example. Deadlines are negotiable and usually depend on the amount of work ordered. Here, for whatever order you choose to make, you will only pay £6 for a college grade essay if you are willing to wait 15 days. It gets even more confusing when they say the price quotations vary depending on the number of pages ordered, the required standard, and the deadline (the whole thing is based on deadlines, right?). This begs the question, is the £6 for just one page? And who takes 15 days to write a single page?

Quality and Deadlines
You can already tell from the pricing page that the services offered here are not up to the required standards. However, you never know unless you try, right? For my test, I decided on a 5-page essay that should take 24 hours – I didn’t have the patience to wait for 60 days, perhaps.

The customer support assured me that my paper would be delivered on time and that I should expect good work. The next day I decided to contact the writer to find out how everything was moving along. I didn’t receive any reply. I decided to give it a couple more hours. When I didn’t hear from the writer, I contacted customer support, who assured me that they would take care of it soon. That turned to 3 days of waiting.

Finally, after 5 days, I received my paper which was incomprehensible. I couldn’t make out what the writer was trying to say. It looked like everything had been poorly rephrased. I contacted customer support again, who assured me that the paper would be revised. After another 2 days of waiting for the revision, I contacted them again. This time they turned on me and accused me of not giving clear instructions to the writer. That the writer did the best they could based on my instructions. Long story short, I lost my money and my time.

Customer Reviews
Well, as discussed earlier in this review, there aren’t many reviews about this service on Trustpilot. There is, however, one bad review that is worth noting. The buyer seems to have been frustrated with the kind of service he got.

Be warned, this is scam

“The service I received is such an inferior quality writing, that wouldn’t be acceptable at the primary school level. The paper I received was unintelligible and sure made by a free rephrasing tool. Proof of this is that event direct quotations were changed to weird and impossible to understand sentences. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end here, contacted customer service 3 times. Twice before my deadline, and was assured that my paper will be revised and the new version delivered before the deadline. Never received anything. 3rd time the customer service told my feedback was vague, so they couldn’t revise (not mentioned in earlier conversations) and they wouldn’t refund me, although offered to rewrite the essay in 24 hours. The lady insisted on this option, even though I clearly stated that at the date of the 3rd the deadline was over and I submitted my own work, which I kept doing on my working days forcing me to call in sick and lose payment…well twice once when I paid, second time when I lost days of work.”

The reviews on Sitejabber don’t look genuine at all. There is a consistency about them that looks suspicious. It’s not easy to point out what most of these “customers” ordered from the service. It’s all shallow and seems to come from nothing.

Final Verdict

One thing is clear from my experience with EssayDone, you will lose your money if you choose to go with them. Reviews from trusted sources can give you a better idea of what you’re in for before you can pick a service to write your college paper. However, it’s wise to watch out for paid reviews by the owners of these websites. The EssayDone reviews on Sitejabber for this service are clearly paid for, and any potential customer who is keen enough will sniff that out. This review should tell you everything you need to know.

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