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Dissertation-help.co.uk review

Dissertation-help.co.uk has a quite distinctive offer, but according to the numerous online Dissertation help reviews, the quality of their work is not at a very high level. Despite the fact that they offer writing of the most complex paper form, they do not provide any relevant information regarding their writing team and scientific background.

According to the main page of DissertationHelp, their offer is organized into 5 categories: writing consultation, primary research, editing, presentations, and statistical analysis. Each of these categories includes several sub-categories so they can meet the demands of the most demanding clients. On the contrary, clients who would like to get a price estimation could be very confused with the fact that price calculator contains many other writing forms, such as essay, report, thesis, etc. Due to this, their offer is very unclear and it is difficult to understand what is their main field of specialization.

They offer relatively good customers support. If you are interested it their service, you can contact them via online chat, or email. Customers’ support team works in 2 shifts/ 6 days per week.


Prices per page are calculated via an excellent online price calculator which gives the exact amount of money for the requested paper. The price depends only on several factors. Those are:

1. Type of order – As it is stated in the first paragraph, it is very unclear what is included in the offer of dissertation help. On the main page, it is written that they are specialized only for writing of dissertations, in their ordering form it is stated that they cover other writing forms as well. As the paper is more complex, the price per page is increased.

2. Deadline: Similarly to many other companies, as the deadline is the shorter price per page is increased. The deadline can be from 24 hours, up to 60 days. For instance, one page of dissertation written for Ph.D. students costs from £20 (60 days deadline) up to £28 (24 hours deadline). Compared to other similar companies, the influence of the deadline is not so significant.

3. Academic level: All papers can be written on 3 academic levels – undergraduate, Masters, and PhD. The most expensive are papers written for PhD students, whereas undergraduate students should pay the least for their papers. For example, one page of dissertation with 24 hours deadline costs £28 for PhD students, and £24 for Undergraduate students.

This company has certain discounts, but from the website it is not possible to find out how to get one. Clients can insert discount codes in ordering form, but it is not possible to find out how to achieve it.

Special features

From the website dissertation help its clear that this company does not have anything particular that divides it from many other similar that are working in this field. Despite the fact that they claim that they are specialized for dissertation writing, it is not clear what type of services their offer includes.

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