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Uk-assignments.com review

Uk assignments delivers tons of papers, but they are not organized on a particular page, especially dedicated to services. The website has just provided a very long list of products on the left side of each web page. They are posted in alphabetic order, so here some available papers:

• Assignment – editing, help, help online, writing;
• Coursework – assignment, help, essay;
• Dissertation – any chapter, editing, help, enhancing writing style;
• Essay – writing, coursework, assignment;
• Biography help, book review, critical thinking, PhD writing and more.

Uk assignments claims that it has a team of experts who are able to advice students on how to complete impressive dissertations and essays. But they don’t mention anything about the writers’ academic achievements. Moreover, there are weak points in this affirmation – first, the website has posted tons of services available and now states that the team is only capable of offering dissertation and essay assistance; secondly, the so called experts are said to be great just at giving advice and not at writing the papers themselves.
Those who want to contact this company can use the two phone numbers from the website or the e-mail. Surprisingly, the company doesn’t have a live chat! The customer support is available 24/7.


The final cost of the order depends on the academic level of the paper, on the deadline and on the type of paper. Here are several quotes from ukassignments:

• For essay writing, 2 days deadline, one must pay: £28.00 for high school level, £30.00 for college level, £33.00 for bachelor level, £38.00 for master level, and £44.00 for PhD level;
• For dissertation, 7 to 10 days deadline, one has to pay: £21.00 for high school level, £23.00 for college level, £25.00 for bachelor level, £31.00 for master level, and £35.00 for PhD level;
• For term paper, 3 days deadline, clients must pay: £27.00 for high school level, £29.00 for college level, £32.00 for bachelor level, £37.00 for master level, and £40.00 for PhD level.
So, in general, the price rises when the deadline is shorter and the academic level is higher. Anyway, the quotes are pretty expensive, not many students can afford to buy such papers. Moreover, we cannot be sure of the quality, taking into account that the writers in here are good at “giving advice.”


Uk assignments company offers two types of discounts – for the first-time clients and for returning ones. New clients get 10% off for their first order. This is only available if the student has landed on the website at a friend’s recommendation or if he uses a discount code also provided by a friend. So this discount really depends on the kindness of your colleagues.
Then, life time discount is of 5%. Pretty low for such expensive papers!

Special features

Ukassignments has some negative special features – no instant calculator for the ordering system and no live chat!

Essaydone.co.uk review

Essay services are a friend indeed for students who need that bit of help doing their college papers. EssayDone is a UK essay service that promises to help you get your college essays done the right way and on time. You are probably looking for the best essay writing service and you happened to stumble on EssayDone. If your aim is to find out what to expect from this service, this EssayDone.co.uk review is a good place to start. We’ll take you through what you should expect. Remember, this EssayDone review is written from a first-hand experience with the service. Read on.

General Overview
Before I can trust any site to write my essays (which are very important), I have to find out other people’s experiences. It’s the best way to find out whether you are spending your money right or not. I trust reputable review and rating sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. From Trustpilot, you get the feeling that this site may not be as straightforward as it claims to be. There aren’t too many reviews to go by. It makes you wonder, who are they offering their services to? The site has a 3.2 rating on there, and there aren’t as many reviews to read. There’s one bad review from a customer who wasn’t very pleased with what they got.

However, things are very different on Sitejabber. There isn’t one single bad Essay Done review (at least not at the time of writing this review). There is only high praise for this “Amazing,” “Best Service ever,” and “perfect” website. Suspicious, right? One thing you can tell is that there’s a level of consistency about the EssayDone reviews on Sitejabber. Almost like they’re paid for. The best way to find out how deep a pool is is to take a dive. Here’s what I found out!

Prices and discounts
My experience with essay writing services is that you pay for the work done, not how long it will take to complete the assignment. For Essay Done, this looks like it’s the case. They list how much you can pay depending on how long you are willing to wait. The shorter the deadline, the more you will pay. That tells you everything you need to know. Whoever runs this website has no business running it.

The pricing list doesn’t specify how much they charge for any service. It’s good to know how much they’ll charge you for a 12-page essay, for example. Deadlines are negotiable and usually depend on the amount of work ordered. Here, for whatever order you choose to make, you will only pay £6 for a college grade essay if you are willing to wait 15 days. It gets even more confusing when they say the price quotations vary depending on the number of pages ordered, the required standard, and the deadline (the whole thing is based on deadlines, right?). This begs the question, is the £6 for just one page? And who takes 15 days to write a single page?

Quality and Deadlines
You can already tell from the pricing page that the services offered here are not up to the required standards. However, you never know unless you try, right? For my test, I decided on a 5-page essay that should take 24 hours – I didn’t have the patience to wait for 60 days, perhaps.

The customer support assured me that my paper would be delivered on time and that I should expect good work. The next day I decided to contact the writer to find out how everything was moving along. I didn’t receive any reply. I decided to give it a couple more hours. When I didn’t hear from the writer, I contacted customer support, who assured me that they would take care of it soon. That turned to 3 days of waiting.

Finally, after 5 days, I received my paper which was incomprehensible. I couldn’t make out what the writer was trying to say. It looked like everything had been poorly rephrased. I contacted customer support again, who assured me that the paper would be revised. After another 2 days of waiting for the revision, I contacted them again. This time they turned on me and accused me of not giving clear instructions to the writer. That the writer did the best they could based on my instructions. Long story short, I lost my money and my time.

Customer Reviews
Well, as discussed earlier in this review, there aren’t many reviews about this service on Trustpilot. There is, however, one bad review that is worth noting. The buyer seems to have been frustrated with the kind of service he got.

Be warned, this is scam

“The service I received is such an inferior quality writing, that wouldn’t be acceptable at the primary school level. The paper I received was unintelligible and sure made by a free rephrasing tool. Proof of this is that event direct quotations were changed to weird and impossible to understand sentences. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end here, contacted customer service 3 times. Twice before my deadline, and was assured that my paper will be revised and the new version delivered before the deadline. Never received anything. 3rd time the customer service told my feedback was vague, so they couldn’t revise (not mentioned in earlier conversations) and they wouldn’t refund me, although offered to rewrite the essay in 24 hours. The lady insisted on this option, even though I clearly stated that at the date of the 3rd the deadline was over and I submitted my own work, which I kept doing on my working days forcing me to call in sick and lose payment…well twice once when I paid, second time when I lost days of work.”

The reviews on Sitejabber don’t look genuine at all. There is a consistency about them that looks suspicious. It’s not easy to point out what most of these “customers” ordered from the service. It’s all shallow and seems to come from nothing.

Final Verdict

One thing is clear from my experience with EssayDone, you will lose your money if you choose to go with them. Reviews from trusted sources can give you a better idea of what you’re in for before you can pick a service to write your college paper. However, it’s wise to watch out for paid reviews by the owners of these websites. The EssayDone reviews on Sitejabber for this service are clearly paid for, and any potential customer who is keen enough will sniff that out. This review should tell you everything you need to know.

Topessaywriting.org review

TopEssayWriting looks ideal. It doesn’t even suffice to say good because, as soon as you open the website, you’ll be bombarded with things like ‘plagiarism-free’, ‘100% money back’, and ‘time tested quality’. Unfortunately, our experience with it did not result in top essay writing. In fact, they managed to fail in providing each and every one of these promises. Keep reading this review to find out how and why.

Services Offered
Most of the time, companies create grand service lists, even if they aren’t able to complete the tasks. This one hasn’t, which we took as a good sign. It seemed as if they’ve limited their list to ensure quality.

But, strangely enough, they have some of the most complicated papers like dissertations and case studies, while they lack some of the basic ones. Even so, the list is sufficient for us to say that this service offers everything an ordinary student can need, start to finish.

At the same time, this is the only thing the Top Essay Writing reviews we read didn’t complain about.

The prices are really cheap. Some TopEssayWriting.org reviews mentioned hidden and additional expenses, but we did not have that kind of problem. However, prices are a bit too low for the quality to be as promised. So, we didn’t set our expectations high, especially after reading all those negative
Top Essay Writing reviews.

Their starting price is $12.99, but that’s without the discounts and special offers. With them, it’s reduced even further. You’ll probably find their site to be a bit disorganized, but they do present the prices fast and clear. For example, this same paper would cost $19.99 for a doctoral level, which is to our surprise, still a considerably small fee to pay for the promised quality.

Quality of Papers
The quality corresponds to the price – it’s also low. In fact, we found it to be lower than what you’re supposed to get for that price. It was that bad. First, their plagiarism-free promise is false. We found over 30% plagiarism in a single, 4-page essay. Because of their guarantee for originality, we were entitled to get our money back. We didn’t, so there goes their money-back guarantee. Apparently, you’ll never be eligible to get it, unless you don’t receive your paper.

To our biggest disappointment, some TopEssayWriting.org reviews mentioned even such cases. There have been many delays and still, no refund.

Finally, the ‘time-tested’ quality statement does not stand, either. The rest of the paper that wasn’t plagiarized was so poorly crafted, that it was easy to conclude that not a native writer has written it. It was also too plain for the college level we ordered it for.

With that plagiarism we found, it wouldn’t even land a high school student a high grade.

Support Team
Now that you know of our experience with the guarantees, you’ve probably assumed that our communication with the support did not go well at all. We actually got into a fight on the live chat because the agent was the rudest professional ever. We can’t even call him a professional.

To our complaint about plagiarism, he said: ‘well, we have to use SOME sources, it is a research paper’. For the lack of quality and the array of mistakes, he said you should have paid extra for editing’.

So, not only did we have a bad experience with the quality and the writer, but the support was extremely unprofessional, too.

Speed of Delivery
This is the only part of our order that went well. Unlike all those students who spoke of missed deadlines and papers that were never delivered, we received ours in time.

Special Offers
There’s a code that gets you 13% off, which is a good offer considering how low the prices are, to begin with. Then you’d have to wait until your fifth order to start the loyalty program. Once you order fifteen times, no matter how big your orders are, you’ll get 15% off – forever.

It’s a rather strange loyalty program, but with those rates, we didn’t even expect it to exist.

General Impression
Our general impression about TopEssayWriting.org is far from good. Nothing is like it’s presented on their website. Starting with the incompetent writers and finishing with the rudest support service we’ve spoken to, this is not a service you should trust with your essays.

Stateofwriting.com review

Some writing companies are widely known for their quality or lack of it. StateOfWriting.com does not fall in any of these two categories. This is not a very popular service, but it is also much unknown. We came across it when we read a StateOfWriting.com review from a customer online. Never before have we heard of this company even though they’ve been operating on the market for a while.

This prompted us to dig a little deeper and see what customers can expect from this service. You can find more details in our State Of Writing review.

General Overview
At first sight, State Of Writing looks more than decent. It has a nice-looking, professional website with many pages. These pages include several samples that look okay, as well as a separate page for StateOfWriting reviews, which are all very positive. This often happens when we search online – finding companies that have only positive reviews on their website.

This is why, in addition to checking the site, we also check outside of it. If you read some StateOfWriting.com reviews outside the website, you’ll find out that many of them are negative. In fact, the majority of them include some complaints about quality and support.

If you are interested to learn how our ordering went on this website and what we received, definitely keep reading this StateOfWriting review.

Prices and Discounts
StateOfWriting is a relatively cheap writing company. Their rates aren’t excessively low like some other companies we have found, but they are still below average. When you add the big discounts to it, they get really tempting for customers.

The lowest you can pay without the discounts here is $13.99 per page. This applies to most academic papers for all students, regardless of their academic level, and a deadline of 14 days. If you are enrolled in higher academic levels, you still pay the same price as you’d pay if you were a high school student. This is a very strange pricing system. The only things that influence the pricing are deadline and academic paper.

If you request admission services, which usually cost above $25 at most renowned companies, you’ll get a pricelist that begins at only $14.99 per page. It doesn’t matter what level you want to enrol into. All that matters is that you give them 14 days to finish it. If you want it for the next day, the price is $33.99 per page for the admission paper.

In terms of discounts, there are four mentioned on the website:

Welcome aboard discount of 20% for new customers
5% discount when you reach a cumulative 15 pages mark
10% discount when you reach a cumulative 50 pages mark
15% discount when you reach a cumulative 100 pages mark
The loyalty discounts are lifelong offers. This means that, when you order the selected number of pages from the first time that you used the service, you can use that discount forever (or at least, until the next discount you get).

Quality and Deadlines
This is the most important part of our StateOfWriting review and also the most disappointing one. If you were tempted by the low prices and great discounts, as well as the great-looking website, here is what you need to know – this company delivers bad writings.

This is why they have a bad reputation online. It seems that StateOfWriting doesn’t bother to check their writers’ background and ensure that they are educated. In fact, judged by the poor English skills used in our paper, it’s safe to say that they even hire people who don’t know much English.

Our papers had many things wrong with it. It came on time, but that’s the only thing they did right. None of the instructions were really followed. It wasn’t formatted, didn’t contain any relevant sources, had only 3 references in total, and had endless mistakes. For a paper of 5 pages only, it had an excessive amount of mistakes and plagiarism. We found 33% plagiarism in the research paper.

Customer Reviews
Mandy Cox: “I will never again order from this company. They make it sound ideal and the prices are better than anywhere else, but it is not worth it. I cannot even edit what they sent me – it’s that bad.”

Gary Shaw: “State of Writing is not what I consider to be a professional service. They are slow and made me wait for my order for an entire day. Thankfully, I always order ahead in case something like this happens. The paper was average, too, and they never responded to my refund requests.”

Thomas Parker: “If you want good quality, I would not recommend this company. They are average in quality and the prices are very low, but the support is a disaster.”

Final Verdict
Whenever we find a company with pricing as low as this one, we instantly start expecting bad quality. This company exceeded even those expectations we set for them – but in a bad way. They write poor quality papers, hire unqualified writers, and don’t take any responsibility when things go wrong with customers, which seem to happen very often judged by their reputation.

UK Edubirdie.com review

The cute nerdy bird may not seem very professional for a writing service, but it certainly leaves an impression. If you open the website of Essays.Edubirdie.com, you will find that this company invested a great deal into making the design colorful and trendy, but very little into adding information on the site. For example, visitors are not given a single sample to look into, or a blog where they can check the quality of content offered.

This company offers the following key features:

Affordable prices
Impeccable quality
Money-back guarantee
Timely and accurate delivery
Tiffany Dixon: Edubirdie is not great as they say. I just got an article from the company and it was of bad quality. I chose the most experienced writer in my field and this is what happened. What would happen if I choose someone who does not ‘specialize’ in it?

Matthew Arnold: Prices here are solid, but the quality is average. I need something better, otherwise, I would write the paper myself.

Services Review
You can get any paper you want from this one service, even if it is not clearly stated on the list. The list of services contains the most popular papers such as essays, term papers, and dissertations, but it also offers the option ‘other’, where you can add the specific requirements for your paper.

The reason why this company has such a wide list of services is that of their ‘choose your writer’ approach. According to the website, Essays.Edubirdie.com has employed over 400 writers, and it all depends on how many of them are online at the moment of your purchase.

Once you add the information about your paper, you can discuss the work with the available writers and choose one from their list.

Prices and Payment Methods
You won’t be finding any prices on the official website. In order to learn the price for your paper, you need to actually proceed with the order. According to their expert, Sarah, ‘The best way to check the price is to create an order’.

This is very unprofessional and rather time-consuming since the price is very varying. Sarah, the agent, also informed us that the starting rate here is $20 per page, just to give us an idea of what to expect.

For a starting price, this is a very high rate to offer. After we decided to go through the ordering process to check the pricing, we confirmed that this is, unfortunately, the lowest price at the service, and it applies to the longest deadline and the least experienced writers. If you want to get better assistance, you have to be prepared to pay a fortune for a single page.

Seeing that the audience of such services is almost always students, this price certainly does not fit the students’ budget.

Discounts and Special Offers
Since there is no information regarding discounts on the website, we had to contact customer service once again. When we asked the question ‘Are there any discounts or codes offered?’, the agent only replied ‘No’.

This is one of the very few services on the market that offer no benefits in the form of discounts whatsoever. There is no first-time discount or a bulk discount, not even a loyalty program for returning customers. As it turns out, the prices here are what they are, and there is no way to reduce them.

Quality of the Paper
The quality fits the promises of the company, but only if you choose the most experienced and qualified writers. In order to evaluate the writers of this service, we selected the cheapest option (which was still over $23 per page), and the most expensive available writer.

The first experience was somewhat negative since the writer did a poor job in writing our research paper. We got on-time delivery and the paper was formatted well, but the content of it was not fitting for the academic level or specific paper we ordered. Even though the writer had some experience on the topic and as all others, had a 5-star rating, we wouldn’t even give her two stars.

The second writer was excellent, but probably the most expensive ever.

Is the Site Easy to Use?
The website is easy to navigate and has a trendy, colorful design. The lack of information regarding prices and discounts is still concerning, though.

Customer Support
As we mentioned, we spoke to the customer support several times during our evaluation. They are prompt and effective, and answered all our questions within the minute.

Essays.Edubirdie.com is a legit writing service, but one of the most expensive we have seen on the writing market. It is perhaps for this reason that they do not share their prices with everyone to see, but we do not believe that academic papers are worth such high rates.

Perfectwriter.co.uk review

PerfectWriter is a UK based paper writing service offers assignments at all academic levels. The wide range of services is certainly a draw for students, though the site is kind of boring to look at.

The site has a team of graduate level writers who can tackle a wide range of subjects from high school to a Ph.D. level dissertation. Other services include coursework, homework help, CV writing and lab reports.

Online feedback praises quick and efficient support, though some users don’t like the live chat popups. The site is easy to navigate but doesn’t have a lot of colors or graphics to make it fun and interesting.

As with any paper writing service, the cost of your order will depend on the length, urgency, type, and academic level. Getting a quote is easy. Simply click on the Calculate Price on the menu bar and input your information.

The prices on Perfectwriter.co.uk site are higher than others, but you get more control over the exact service you need. For example, you can choose to have someone undertake the research, then write the paper yourself or, you can have both the research and writing done for you.

A basic essay at the sophomore level starts at £56 per page for a 10-days deadline and goes up to £72 per page for a Ph.D. level paper with a 12-hour deadline. There is a ton of choices and the price varies greatly but the flexibility means finding a price that fits your budget is easier than with other services.

The site does a great job of advertising a seasonal 15% discount. There isn’t a dedicated discounts page, but taking advantage of this discount can mean big savings for any student.

Other discounts may be available as specials or deals, but they are not advertised all the time. Other sites offer first-time user discounts and may cut the price for large or multiple orders, but again, the Perfect Writer site doesn’t advertise this.

The pricing of this site is higher than others but is backed by a solid reputation and mostly good reviews.

Additional Features
This site offers a handy guarantees page that you can access from the bottom of any page. Included guarantees are 100% original work, 100% satisfaction, online delivery and confidentiality.

In addition, each paper is run through a plagiarism checker and free revisions are offered within the usual terms of service. You also get complete ownership of the paper and it’s never resold or published elsewhere. This peace of mind is great for students’ confidence in the work they receive.

In all, the site may be a bit boring to look at, but the quality of the papers gets 2.5/5 stars so it’s a service that most students can rely on.

Speedyessay.co.uk review

It is very complicated to find a reliable, legitimate academic writing service online. That is why reading reviews is vital when you are looking for your own academic writing partner. This is the main reason why we have conducted our own research and wrote SpeedyEssay.co.uk review.

Unique custom wrote academic papers
Confidentiality of each order
George: I have ordered a paper from them and was disappointed. Terrible quality, not following requirements and rude support. I am waiting for the refund for three months already. I do have a long email history with them.

Lillian: I have asked for an argumentative essay from this company and was disappointed. The quality was below average and paper was late for two days.

Types of Services
At the service page of this company, we were able to find only a few services, like essay writing, editing, proofreading, research paper, and a few others. This is not good because students are usually looking to complete several writing projects they need urgently. And when we have found a price calculator there were some more papers, like term papers, book/movie review, dissertations, multimedia projects and much more. However, these papers have a lot of limitations, and you cannot order such a paper with a deadline less than 2 or three days. Additionally, they don’t have urgent deadlines for the simplest papers (essays for example), like 12 hours or three hours like the most academic writing services offer.

Prices and Payment Methods
The price of the order depends on quality, a number of pages and deadline. There are three quality options available: standard, premium, and platinum. The prices are high, standard paper with the deadline of 24 hours £24.50 per page, premium quality paper with the same deadline will cost you, £27.50 per page and platinum quality – £30.50 per page. We are not sure that speedyessay.co.uk can deliver the paper with 24 hours turn around.

They do have full range payment options, like Pay Pal, Visa, Master Card, Discover, Amex, and several others.

Discounts and Special Offers
According to the website, any order with them will be done with a discount of 15%, however, they don’t indicate if it works with a second or third order. There is no information about the loyalty program either. The big plus is that they are offering a lot of free features, like free comprehensive plagiarism scan, free quality check, free editing and proofreading, free plagiarism report, free custom formatting, free table of content page, free title page, free fully completed bibliography page and free abstract and summary.

Quality of the Paper
We decided to order an essay paper with 24 hours turnaround to see if this service is capable of delivering urgent papers. The paper was delivered one hour late after a deadline, but this is acceptable when you are ordering online. It was well written, and we have not found any errors. But their content didn’t fit university student level; it was okay for the first-year college student.

Is the Site Easy to Use?
As for Speedyessay.co.uk website it has disappointed us most. The content is not organized; a lot of useless forms and pages and some of the pages look incomplete. The ordering process is extremely time-consuming. A lot of pages are missing, and some pages are working slowly.

Customer Support
Support is friendly and polite, and you can contact their team via chat, email or phone. However, it is not available 24/7 and to access support via chat you need to provide your email address.

The service delivers average quality papers and will be a good fit for high school or first-year college student. Website of this service doesn’t look professional, and support is not available 24/7. The main advantage of this service is a huge list of free features and 15% off on all orders.speedyessay-co-uk-review

Britishessaywriting.co.uk review

Deciding on what writing service to use for your essays can be quite overwhelming as there are lots of options for you out there. It doesn’t even help that there are tons of unqualified writing companies parading to be the best essay writing service at what they do.

You are here because you need a detailed breakdown of British Essay Writing reviews, and yes, you are in the right place.

Let’s get down to business. As a student, here’s all you need to know about British Essay Writing;

General Overview
We understand that it can be complex to execute an essay to perfection, but why take on a project you can guarantee nothing but the best? Of all the negative responses we have seen on BritishEssayWriting.co.uk reviews, one of the most glaring has to be the fact that their essays are completely under-quality and most times filled with wrong information.

Judging by the reviews of more than 90% of BritishEssayWriting.co.uk, it’s safe to say that they are one of the worst writing services to deal with.

They are known for delivering essays that don’t meet up to university standards, which can obviously result in failing modules and having to re-take a course.

Also, their 100% money return policy is a scam, because they do not in fact return a dime. They hardly stick to deadlines, so if you are on a tight deadline, be sure not to contact them.

Prices and Discount
It’s often believed by the majority that good quality comes at an expensive price, but that’s not the same for this writing service. You get to pay a lot of money for a paper that will eventually get rejected. So many students have had to live with regrets, because of the academic setback that comes with failing a particular paper.

It’s always in your best interest to research about a writing service before committing your money to them. The essence of this BritishEssayWriting.co.uk review is to give you an insight as to how you’ll definitely lose your money for a paper that you may even perform better if done on your own. And remember, their refund policy is a scam.

Quality and Deadlines
From the BritishEssayWriting review we have seen so far, it’s clear that the essays aren’t being handled by native English speakers. They employ writers who have zero knowledge on how to write dissertation papers or even simple essays to say the least.

The quality of most of their essays is way below college level, and they’ll never refund your money.

A large percentage of their clients believe that they source for academic papers in different languages, and translate them to English using Google translate. This goes to show you how the poor quality and plagiarized content you’ll be getting if you ever decide to use them.

They are very awful at sticking to the deadlines they provide, and this is definitely another factor you should look into. Because what’s worse than submitting a plagiarized and sub-standard paper to your supervisor? Submitting nothing at all.

Customer Service
They unarguably have the worst customer support system. However, you can’t expect much from a company that deliberately defrauds its clients of their hard-earned bucks.

The majority of their displeased clients have tried complaining in hopes of at least getting their money back, but to no avail. Customer support provides little to zero help in this aspect, and in the long run, they stop taking calls and responding when a client becomes persistent.

Customers Reviews
If you still aren’t satisfied or convinced with the reviews, we have provided for you, then you may want to read comments from those who were affected directly.

We have put out reviews from third-party websites, and it’d be best to do your own research too. But before doing that, keep in mind that you may find some positive reviews, but it’s very easy to tell that those reviews are fake, and they were obviously paid for. The ratio of negative reviews to positive reviews about BritishEssayWriting.co.uk is 85:15, so that should tell you all you need to know.

Take a careful read at these reviews:

“DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. This service is so bad. The paper was very bad, I have no idea where the writer was from but the paper was written in another language them translated to English with google translate. Do not believe anything they say to you because it is most likely a lie. Not only was the paper late it was absolutely awful and they are refusing to refund my £580.” – Shalom

“Requested a first-class paper with 25 references and received an absolute rubbish piece of work with 5 references. I requested a review and that came back even worse. Please avoid this website. Customer services would not comment on the matter. I requested a refund an s per their website policy but have never received it. Now thinking of informing the police. They are scam artists. They will trick you into buying an essay but will never deliver anything close to what you requested. Avoid and you’ll save a lot of money.” Jakub

“Guys please be careful this website is fraud, they will take your money, they all are Indians pretending to be American accent and fake names. They are completely fraud, please help!” – Michael

“They totally ignored the checklist – what was the point of the checklist?!” – Grad

Final Verdict
After reading our comprehensive review, it’s worth noting that this writing services, isn’t one you should identify with. They will only end up giving you plagiarized content at an exorbitant price. Do not waste your time/money on this writing service, because you won’t even get compensated when they don’t deliver as promised.

There are tons of writing services out there that have high, positive reviews, a little research will help you make the right choice.

Paperhelp.org review

PaperHelp.org is a writing service offering custom papers to students of all levels. The team has a broad range of services to fulfill all students’ needs. The company possesses an individualized approach to every order and guarantees the privacy of each student who decides to order from them.

However, PaperHelp reviews are not as exciting as they said on their website. Many students claim about plagiarized papers and late delivery. And it’s time to find out what is true and what is not. Finding out if PaperHelp can assist you with all your academic needs is a good bonus for anyone planning to get a paper from them.

General Overview
According to Paper Help, they have already served more than 100 000 students who are satisfied with the result. The company offers numerous guarantees and benefits to anyone seeking custom writing help. They claim that they can handle a paper with the tightest deadline, and it is possible to get a quality piece in just 3 hours.

Unfortunately, Paper Help reviews we found online appeal. Many students moan about late deliveries. It is a massive issue for last-minute orders. Students who need urgent requirements must guarantee they will get everything in time. Furthermore, the cost of late delivery is high, and some papers significantly influence the final student rating and their ability to continue their education. Yet, if timely delivery is not among the company’s strengths, those who don’t need papers urgently may safely order such a service. But the quality of writing should be excellent to accept these risks.

As for the service offering, the Paper Help team has a broad range of services that cover most students’ needs. According to PaperHelp.org reviews online, they are also taking care of most subjects.

Prices and Discounts
When it comes to ordering academic help online, the price plays an important role. Students cannot afford expensive services. That’s why we include this point in our PaperHelp review. Luckily, prices here are not high. They are average on the market. So, anyone can afford to get help from this service.

The pricing model is simple. The final cost is calculated based on the following factors: the academic level, type of paper, number of pages, writer category and the deadline. Prices look transparent, and there should be any hidden costs.

There are two types of discounts offered on the PaperHelp.org website. The first one is for new customers; with the help of coupon codes, it allows up to 15% discount. The second option is a loyalty program. The more you order on the website, the higher your discount is. You start from 5% off and can grow your automatic discount to 15%.

Quality and Deadlines
If we think of the quality of writing at this team, most of their customers are comforted with the quality of their papers. The papers this team delivers are good. But there is a disadvantage. A lot of students report that they found plagiarized passages in their papers. They managed to correct the issue, but still, it is a significant disadvantage. So, if you decide to order from this team, you need to pay attention to uniqueness.

The deadlines are another pain point students reports. It seems that the PaperHelp team hardly ever delivers orders in time. Getting paper in a day r two is okay when you have enough time for submission. But if your paper should be submitted in several hours, or even minutes – you should find another company to get help from.

There are a bunch of companies providing academic writing services to UK students, and you may find a more reliable one to handle your task.

Customer Reviews
When writing our PaperHelp review, we found a lot of information about this company. Some clients are completely satisfied with the service. But there is a bunch of ones who run into issues with the late delivery and plagiarized passages. Here are some of them:

“I forgot to check my paper before the submission and got a penalty for not a unique passage. It was a misfortune for me since this paper significantly influenced my grade. I am not satisfied with the Paper Help service.”

“My essay was several hours late, which was critical for me. I paid a lot to get it in just six hours, and it was in my inbox in one day. Moreover, no one apologized for such late delivery.”

“I needed to correct my paper myself since I had no time to wait for the revision.”

“It seems my writer re-wrote an essay sample. I found a similar paper online.”

Final Verdict
At first glance, the PaperHelp team looks reliable and trustworthy. It has nice prices and discounts, a broad range of services and friendly customer support. But a couple of obstacles stop this service from becoming the best one on the market. The first one is that they don’t follow the deadlines. And in-time delivery is critical for most students who decide to get help from an academic writing company.

And the second one is plagiarism. Plagiarism is a critical issue, and if one decides to order from this team, they need to pay a lot of attention to that. Maybe advanced checks before they deliver my help them to overcome it. And right now, this is one obstacle that doesn’t allow Paper Help to become a top-rated writing service.paperhelp-org-review

Ukessays.com Review

The UK essays has been in the business since 2003. They wouldn’t last this long if they are not providing quality paper works to their students. This company that is based in Nottingham, England always wants to make everything easier for their customers. It is evidenced by ukessays.com site which is very easy to use. It even provides for an option to change the language since they are dealing with students around the world.

Their writers are based in the US and UK which means that their first language is English. If you are going to see their price, it may seem a bit expensive. Their actual clients may not see it as really expensive but just and reasonable. UKessays.com will always assure every client that the price that they will have to pay is worth the service that they will get. The writers in this company are also willing to answer every question through their forums so that the students can decide more intelligently.

The price sample for 250 words per page are the following:

5 days to 30 days would range between £144 to £137
4 days for approximately £158
3 days is around £180
2 days for around £206
next day is more or less for £274
next day by 11 in the morning is approximately £343
6 office hours for around £411
3 office hours for approximately £480
The illustration reveals that the prices are graduated. It means that the student will be charge according to the number of pages, the number of days or hours to complete it, the form of paper requires to be made, and others.

The ukessays prices are really reasonable considering the quality and the time limitation given to them. Just imagine what the gains would be instead of focusing on the price alone. The paper will be filled with quality made by the experts that are really familiar with the topic being assigned by the student-clients.

Discounts and Free Services
Ukessays would want to give the best deals to their clients. That is why they have offered some discount methods for the customers. One of those is that they do not charge for putting in the bibliography, quality check, quality report, amendments, writing sample, plagiarism scan and report, as well as the finding of sources.

Their clients could also get up to 25% off when they choose the option of next day, two days, three days and four days fast delivery.

They also have the essay bundles which will give the students a chance to save 10% off the total price.

Other Information
They have several payment options which will make it more convenient for their customers. The calculator has also included the value-added tax needed to be paid making the students become more careful about the budget.

The price calculator may not be working accurately as the amounts for 30 days to 5 days are just providing £144 and £137 in a 250 per page service.