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Newassignmenthelp.co.uk Review

Newassignmenthelp is a UK-based online writing service that claims to provide all the essay-help that a student might need. They assert that they have completed more than 3700 orders successfully, satisfying more than 1600 students. Furthermore, they go on to state that their team comprises of expert writers who are dedicated to providing customized work to students.

However, as we will see in this Newassignmenthelp review, all these claims are unfounded and up for debate. Not only is this assignment writing service not up to industry standards, but it also ends up scamming students time and time again due to negligence and poor work ethics.

Academic Writing Services Offered

This assignment writing company offers very few services, which is not indicative of a professional writing service. Everywhere you look, you are bound to find only negative New assignment help reviews, and this here is one of the reasons why. The list of services is short enough to be counted on two hands. Let’s see what they are:

  • Term papers
  • Research Papers
  • Dissertations
  • Book and Movie Reviews
  • Theses
  • Articles
  • Admission Essays
  • Personal Statements
  • PowerPoint presentations

And that’s about it. What’s worse is that these assignments are only available for management, education, history, and some other subjects. Many other important subjects like healthcare, social care, and engineering are totally forgone. If you need writing help for these, you may have to look elsewhere.

Price Models and Payment Options

You will be surprised to find that most Newassignmenthelp reviews end up bashing this service mainly for their extortionate prices. If you require an essay in a day, be prepared to pay them £18.89 per page for premium quality. For longer deadlines, the price level does come down, but only marginally. These prices are some of the highest we have ever seen. Also, they accept various payment methods like credit cards and PayPal, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to taking your money.

If you are on a budget and require online assignment help, we suggest you look elsewhere. Instead, you should scout for some other essay writing service UK. Although their prices are listed neatly on a dedicated page, they are far from being all-inclusive. Once you order, you will find that there are many hidden fees that you will have to pay to ensure that you get a paper of decent quality that is proofread and plagiarism-free. And yet, there are no guarantees that that is what you will get. For all their advertisements, this is not a cheap essay writing service UK.

Discounts and Loyalty Program

The only saving grace for Newassignmenthelp comes in the form of discounts. There is a 25% discount on all orders which is something of a relief for students since it can bring the price down by an appreciable amount.

However, for the purposes of our Newassignmenthelp review, when we looked for student testimonials we found that this is only catered to first-time users and not everyone. There is also no loyalty program to entice the customer to return to the website. Many ProAssignment.co.uk reviews have also noticed that the company purposefully keeps the prices high so as to make the first-time discount that much more appealing.

Paper Quality

Let’s look at one of the most important features of any assignment service – quality. This is one area that can either make or break the company. Alas! Here too it delivers nothing but disappointment. The essay writing UK service claims to have writers that have at least a Masters’s degree but, looking at the content, we find it extremely hard to believe.

On various student testimonials and Newassignmenthelp.co.uk reviews, this problem comes up constantly. If you are the type who goes through the paper received in order to learn how to write an assignment, we caution you against it. Not only will you not learn anything of use, but what you have already learned will also be washed away.

Website Usability

The website is the thing that beguiles the students first. It is well organized and has a lot of information on the home page itself. Even though it feels a bit outdated, we didn’t find anything else that got in our way.

Customer Care and Support

The customer support offered by Newassignmenthelp.co.uk is pretty lousy, to say the least. Their entire customer handling is done inefficiently and with no zeal to solve customer problems whatsoever. When writing for this Newassignmenthelp review, we got in touch with them and found them unprofessional and downright rude.


You can ask the company – “do my UK assignment ” but it is nothing less than gambling. You should only pay them what you are already ready to lose. Newassignmenthelp is a major fraudulent company that we would never recommend to anyone. Hopefully, after reading this newassignmenthelp.co.uk review, you can understand why this company is so infamous in the industry.

AssignmentDesk.co.uk Review

At first glance, Assignment Desk looks like a highly professional service due to their great website design. However, after some careful evaluating of all the features, we discover what you would call ‘the company’s dirty little secret’. This secret does not indicate that the company had bad content or is one of those scam services that do not deliver the papers, but it says a lot about the company’s marketing strategy and tricks.

For starters, let’s have a look at the key features they offer:

  • 100% original and result-oriented
  • Affordable and economical prices
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Work delivered within deadline

Types of Services

If you take a look at the company’s website, you might get the impression that this service offers only assignments, essays, coursework, dissertations and research papers. However, when you enter the ordering form, you will find that there are several other choices. Regardless, the range of services offered is still very limited with this service.

The number of services offered is eleven, and according to the list, this company does not even provide some of the most popular papers such as term papers and articles. This is very concerning since most students prefer a company that can deliver all the papers they need instead of only a few of them.

Prices and Payment Methods

Four deadline options are also very limiting, especially since the shortest deadline offered is 24 hours. However, the prices here are some of the cheapest we have seen on the market, which makes the company an excellent choice for those that fight a very limited budget. That is, of course, if the quality of papers is good.

The starting rate is £8.99 per page and ranges up to £27.99 per page. There are three quality options to choose from: 2:2 standard, 2:1 standard, and first-class quality. Payments are done via PayPal, credit cards and the Western Union.

Discounts and Special Offers

In addition to the first-time discount of 15%, this company offers some limited special offers, depending on the period when you decide to order. This is actually the only discount offered, since the company mentions no bulk discounts or a loyalty program.

While you can actually get a bulk discount by discussing this with the customer service, the lack of loyalty program is what concerns us most. A company simply cannot provide benefits for new customers and forget them once they become returning customers.

Quality of the Paper

Since the prices were excellent for a student’s budget, we decided to order a research paper from this service. Interestingly, this is one of the very few papers they provide, and it wasn’t even added to the list of choices in the ordering form. We chose the option ‘other’ and wrote down the specific requirements, asking specifically for a research paper.

Despite the fact that the customer service confirmed they deliver research papers, the writer who worked on ours didn’t really seem to have an idea of what a research paper should look like. Instead of the research paper format and writing style, we got what seemed like a badly written essay, without any proofreading of the numerous mistakes in the content.

Is the Site Easy to Use?

Here is the point where we tell you the secret – if you look really, really close, this website is exactly the same as ukwritingexperts.co.uk and britishassignmentwriter.co.uk! The design of all websites is different, but all the features are the same. Starting from the exact same price list and services list, to some details such as the live chat design and conversations with their agents, this is definitely the same company.

Even though this is not the level of a scam of other dangerous writing services, it still is the scam. Trying to sell papers from various different websites is not illegal, but it certainly makes for a tricky and suspicious marketing strategy.

Customer Support

The customer service at AssignmentDesk.co.uk is excellent. They accepted our request for a revision and were polite during the entire revision period. Still, the writer did very poorly even with the second revision.


Assignment Desk is a cheap writing service, but not one we would recommend. Not only this website contains false information and is just one of the many websites created by a single company, but their writers are actually bad at doing their job.

Newessays.co.uk review

NewEssays.co.uk is an online site that helps students with custom papers.

The site opens up to a page full of positive reviews, emails, and messages about the services. So, it looks like the company is successful and that the clients are happy.

However, if you dive into the website and additional reviews, you may find that the agency is not as dependable as it seems.

According to multiple New Essays reviews, the services are terrible. Here are some examples.

“I ordered a college essay in computer science and got a highschool cheat-sheet. Incomplete, incoherent, and full of grammar issues. Never ordering from here again!” – Kevin S.

“I shouldn’t have wasted my cash on this website. All I wanted was a research paper. Instead, I received a useless three-page essay. No bibliography, no plagiarism check, no rewriting, no refund. I don’t recommend New Essays!” – Emma F.

The site offers the following services, each with their own presentation page:

Dissertation help.
Furthermore, New Essays UK has an entire page dedicated to guarantees. Here are some of them:

Custom papers written from scratch.
No plagiarism.
No missed deadlines.
No publication (no one has the right to use your paper other than you).
Full confidentiality.
Your writer is specialized in the subject you need.
Full referencing list.
Free chapter-by-chapter delivery.
Free amendments.
Free quality report.
Support by phone and email.
100% safe and legal website.
According to the site, their services are brilliant. Nevertheless, we found more than one NewEssays.co.uk review that states the contrary.

Many of them complain about the quality of the services: grammar errors, plagiarism, formatting problems, missed deadlines, and more.

On the other hand, some negative criticism is centered around customer support, communication issues, and price.

The main page on the front of the site is meant to deflect the negative comments. This may trick some customers into buying from them, specifically if the users are not savvy with paper companies.

Unfortunately, New Essays doesn’t have a price calculator. Instead, you have to contact them through an order form and request a quote.

This is a problem because, as a student, you want to know right away if you can afford an essay at this specific agency. You might have a tight deadline or schedule, and simply lack time to request a quote and wait for an answer.

So, if you’re desperate, you might order without requesting a quote just because your friend suggested it, and you’re in a rush.

They claim to provide a quote in less than two hours. Nevertheless, that’s two hours closer to your due date, and you haven’t even ordered yet.

This is a marketing strategy on New Essays’ part because it pushes you to commit before you know what to expect.

Here are some quotes:

A 6-page dissertation, with a 10-day deadline, college-level, costs around £100.
A 2-page research proposal, with a 10-day deadline, college-level, costs around £40.
Most paper agencies give a 15% discount on the first order, regardless of the type of service.

That’s not the case for New Essays.

They claim to offer a “Bundle Discount”: 15% off on two or more essays in one order, which might seem convenient. Nonetheless, this is another marketing strategy.

Also, they offer a 10% discount, but you have to roam around the site to find it.

For quality control, we ordered a paper from the service to complete our New Essays UK review.

We asked for a five-page essay in geology (“The cycle of water: how rivers, lakes, and seas are born”). We gave a 10-day deadline, and we paid £129.99.

Then we wrote some guidelines to the writer.

At first, we chatted with them, but after two days, they stopped answering. So, we tried to reach the writer through the contact info. They kept sending us from one department to another.

On the 10th day, we received the finished product, and we were disappointed.

Grammar errors, plagiarism, and a superficial outlook on such a vast topic are unacceptable. So, we asked for a refund.

Needless to say, they answered by saying that it’s not in their policy to give refunds.

So, our experience verified all the negative reviews.

Website usability
The website seems outdated and old-fashioned. The info is cluttered and all over the site.

Also, they don’t have a price table or calculator, which is inconvenient.

Customer support
Customer support is offered in the form of:

Online chatbox.
Facebook messenger.
Three phone numbers.
“Contact Us” area.
As we said in the “Quality” section, customer service is slow, and you need to ask for a quote to know the cost of your paper.

They don’t offer refunds, and if you ask for one, you might get ignored.

We cannot recommend New Essays for online student help.

The site is outdated, and the customer support is unacceptably slow.

Furthermore, we wrote many essay writing service UK reviews and can claim that the quality of their work is below average.

From grammar errors to missed deadlines, you can expect anything bad to happen if you choose New Essays.

Lastly, our experience with them was just as awful as the reviews predict. Our final product was unfinished, superficial, and full of errors.

So, if you want to get excellent grades, try to use a different website.

Oxbridgeessays.com review

It is very time-consuming when you are trying to find the best UK essay writing service online. And that is not because you do have a complicated individual paper, this because not all companies are capable of delivering quality papers in time and for an affordable price. That is why we have created a review of OxBridgeEssays.com academic writing company, and we hope that after reading it you will be sure that this company is capable of delivering academic papers for you or not.

Recent Customers Feedbacks
Kiera: “The website was cool so that’s why I chose this service. But they missed my deadline. Imagine this: they delivered the paper two days later than my deadline. They did not offer to make refund. I had to complain to the support. I got a refund, but it was only partial. This paper came late and I could not use it because the submission date was two days ago. I paid for something useless.”

Phoebe: “I’m still getting spam messages from this service, two months after I used it. My paper was plagiarized. I didn’t check because I don’t use a paid plagiarism detection program. But my professor does and he discovered plagiarism. He returned the paper and made me write a new one.”

Types of Services
OxBridgeEssays team offers a wide range of different academic writing services. They do have a separate service page which you can check to learn more. Services they are offering are subdivided into groups based on the academic level, so you cannot order dissertation help when you are in high school for example. This is created for the student’s comfort. So at this writing service, you can order a dissertation, presentation, essay, coursework, term paper and much more. It all depends on your level.

Prices and Payment Methods
Unfortunately, there are no prices available on the website. To know how much your paper will cost you need to spend the time to set up an order. We have tried to do so but got numerous errors, so you will get a price after the order placement which is not okay. Usually, students want to know how much the paper will cost them at the end. The only thing we can be sure that the price per page depends on the student’s level, quality level, type of paper and deadline.

As for payment options this company accepts Visa, Master Card, and Sage. Paypal, American Express, and Skrill are not available here.

Discounts and Special Offers
Unfortunately, we were not able to locate any newcomers or loyal customers discount at this service. We have contacted support and asked for the OFF, but they replied that the service doesn’t provide any discount because it is a cheap one.

Quality of the Paper
We have ordered an essay paper of the university level with a deadline of three days. The paper came in time and at first glance quality was okay. But when we passed it to our editor he said that the paper has a poor working for the university level and will be good for the first year at college.

Is the Site Easy to Use?
OxbridgeEssays.com has a modern design and cool idea behind it. However, the site itself needs a lot of re-work: plenty of information missing, some features are working with errors, and some pages are not assessable.

Customer Support
Customer support at oxbridgeessays.com is available 9 am – 6 pm Monday to Friday UK time via chat, email, and phone. So if you have questions, you should ask them during business an hour only. Agents are fast, professional, and helpful. They were able to answer all our questions about process, order, payments and other things we needed.

If you are looking for a service that is capable of delivering college papers, maybe OxBridgeEssays.com will be enough for you. Be ready, the service might be quite expensive. Additionally, their support is available only during UK business hours.

Masteressaywriters.co.uk review

So you’re looking to get help with your daily assignments and essays and you have stumbled upon MasterEssayWriters. Before you start ordering essays, it is essential to know what kind of writing service they are, and what their online reputation is like. There are many MasterEssayWriters reviews available online for you to assess their strengths and weaknesses. But our experience with this writing company has not been a pleasant one.

If you are about to order from this writing service, you may want to read this in-depth review first. Once you order, we won’t be able to help you any further. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to go through various aspects of this writing service in full.

John Pauls: MasterEssayWriters.co.uk was an utter disappointment. My philosophy paper was delivered two days after the deadline and was full of stupid grammatical mistakes. When I asked for a refund, the customer support denied me outright.

Mary Bell: The website looked legit so I hired them for my MA dissertation. Never have I been so let down by a writing service before. What a complete waste of money. I had to write the paper myself since the writers didn’t adhere to the instructions I provided.

Academic Writing Services Offered
Most writing services cover a variety of academic levels and essay types. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Master Essay Writers. They only offer a handful of essay services that aren’t suited for a majority of the student population. Their essays are catered specially for undergraduate and graduate students while discounting the High school students.

This may be a sly trick on their part, as most services charge a higher price for essays written for higher academic levels. The subjects that they can write essays on only cover a small range which may not work well for students of different academic studies. The total number of services that they offer is listed below:

Anything other than what’s mentioned here is not covered by this UK essay writing service. This may be because this essay writing service UK has only 50 writers on boards, of which only 7 are from the UK. What’s even more deplorable is the fact that only 17 of them have a Masters’s degree, and only 6 are PhDs. With such a limited number of professional writers offering their services, it is no surprise that almost any MasterEssayWriters.co.uk review that you will find online ask students to stay away from this company.

Pricing Model and Payment Options
Since MasterEssayWriters cater to the needs of British students mainly, the prices found on their website are given in Pounds. For students in the UK, essay help can be quite expensive then, especially if it is charged at such a high price as offered by this writing service.

Since high school essays are not covered, the starting price for undergraduate essays is marked at £26 for a 15-day deadline. This price can jump up significantly if you are looking for essays or dissertations for a higher academic level, or with a shorter deadline.

The writing company accepts all popular payment methods such as VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. So when it comes to taking your money, they ensure that they leave no stone unturned.

Discounts and Loyalty Programs
The only area in which a MasterEssayWriters review such as this one could speak favorably about this company would be their discounts. They offer a massive 40% discount to students ordering for the first time. This can bring the price down significantly. However, since you can only avail this one time, it doesn’t do much except lure you to the website.

There are no loyalty programs to speak of which makes it hard for students to continue using their services. They do offer unlimited revisions, which students are likely to avail given the quality of their work. Additionally, the writing service has a 200% money-back guarantee which appears quite lucrative. However, we are not sure as to whether the company strictly adheres to its own policies or not.

Paper Quality
All the aforementioned aspects of our Master Essay Writers review can be excused if only the quality of essays is good. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case. To gain insight, we looked at their samples, went through different student testimonials, and looked at various MasterEssayWriters.co.uk reviews.

Sadly, their essays are fraught with multiple spelling and grammatical errors which should have been caught before delivery. This tells us that the essays are not being proofread, as is advertised on the website. This is quite surprising, to say the least since proofreading is such an integral part of essay writing. This could be a result of the small number of professional UK essay writers this writing company has.

Website Usability
This essay writing service’s website is a mixed bag. Students can easily order from the home page itself, which is a plus point. However, there is no price table provided that may allow students to check how much they should spend on their essays. Even for the purposes of our MasterEssayWriters review, we had to separately check the prices of individual essays for various academic levels to come up with a range.

They do have a FAQ section, as well as a blog section that displays some of the sample writings. Overall, the website is quite clean and orderly but they have missed out on key features that need to be provided on the home page itself.

Customer Care and Support
Master Essay Writers has a 24/7 customer support staff that students can get in touch with via telephone, email, or by filling up their web form. They are able to help with most issues, but some Master Essay Writers reviews suggest that some students have run into trouble with the company’s refund policy. It may seem easy to get your money back, but their refund policy is much stricter than advertised.

All in all, we would not recommend this writing service to students who are looking to order essays to unburden themselves. There is no essay service available for high school students, nor are their essays necessarily any cheaper than the average, run-of-the-mill essay writing services. Although they have a very good first discount, there are no loyalty programs to speak of.

Finally, the quality of the papers is average at best that does not guarantee high grades. Their customer support is dicey that does not lend itself to credibility. Ultimately, students looking to order essays should stay away from this fraudulent writing service and take their money elsewhere.

Myassignmenthelp.co.uk review

What is Myassignmenthelp.co.uk?
Myassignmenthelp.co.uk is a UK writing service which has been providing writing assistance for students for many years.

The company offers Assignment Help, Essay Help, Dissertation Writing Help, and Coursework Help. They also offer several samples of completed work. Their quality is sufficient. All employees of this company hold at least MA degree, whereas many of them have Ph.D. degrees as well. They guarantee that provided work will be plagiarism free, and be delivered within agreed deadlines.

Is Myassignmenthelp.co.uk Reliable?
This company has 13 different guarantees, and some of them are plagiarism free content, privacy guaranty, on-time delivery, unlimited revisions, and many others. In addition, they guarantee 100% customers satisfaction.

Myassignmenthelp has relatively good customers’ support that is working 24/7. They can be contacted via online chat or email. Clients who live in Aberdeen can personally visit offices of this company because they give the exact address on their website.

Myassignmenthelp Prices
This service does not offer any relevant information about the prices and pricing policies on myassignmenthelp website. They have a separate section for prices, but it is redirecting to the page for order placement. They say that customers get the quota for price after 5 minutes on their email. For the purpose of this review, this service is not tested. The fact that this service does not have transparent pricing policy could refuse many clients from using their service, especially if you take into consideration that many students have limited budgets that cannot be increased.


My assignment help offers a discount that can reach 15%, but from the website it is unclear how to get it. Other websites usually give conditions for using the discounts, but it is not the case with myassignmenthelp since it does not have any precise information regarding this. They do not offer any discount codes for the first time users, neither do they give some free features that are included in the total price.

Special features

My assignment help does not provide any specific information regarding the special features this company offers. Clients who would like to get an insight into the quality of their work can check the “samples” section. In addition, numerous positive testimonials written on their website are proof of their quality.myassignmenthelp-co-uk-review

Payforassignments.co.uk review

Many of us use essay writing services to reduce stress and free up some time for rest. Studying without a slight chill can become a nightmare. It’s not clear how class nerds are handling all this pressure.

And today, we decided to see if PayForAssignments.co.uk company can help with students’ academic struggles.

When we started researching this team, we found a lot of PayForAssignments.co.uk reviews. And most of them were not favourable. Students reported hidden costs, inadequate pricing, low quality of writing and late delivery. It seems that this company is not a good choice for the one looking for a qualified writing team.

General Overview
Many students find it hard to complete their assignments on time. That’s why they trust their task to the UK academic writing companies like RushMyEssay. However, it is not always safe to order online. Since not all companies out there can provide real help with writing.

A friendly website is not always the key to running an assignment writing business. It would help if you had a team of experienced writers behind. And based on PayForAssignments reviews we found online; they couldn’t cope with this task.

Many students in their Pay For Assignments reviews claim the low quality of writing, high prices, and failed deadline. When you are ordering a writing piece from a UK company, you expect to get help, but this is not the case for this team.

Of course, they offer a broad range of services that aim to help students with all their struggles. But the offering is not enough, since everyone expects good quality and timely delivery. And Pay For Assignment team cannot boast about that.

Prices and Discounts
The price for any assignment writing should be fair. Students cannot afford expensive services. That’s why this point is crucial for our PayForAssignments review. According to the online reports, the team doesn’t follow the price transparency policy. There can be hidden costs and additional charges.

Moreover, the website has no information on how much they charge for a paper. You need to contact them first with your requirements, and then you will get a price. Trustworthy teams don’t hide their fees; you can learn how much your paper costs just by choosing the level of writing, type of paper, and deadline.

Another thing we had not found on this assignment writing website is that they offer a 30% discount for the first order. However, if you order for the second time from them, you need to pay as much as they tell you. Other UK writing teams are offering attractive discounts, bonuses, and loyalty programs. PayForAssignments decided not to provide all this to their customers.

Quality and Deadlines
What are the characteristics of a reliable academic writing company? These are two: excellent quality and timely delivery. We are ordering online, hoping to get help and even boost our college or university rating. The papers we need have a significant influence on our final scores.

Unfortunately, Pay For Assignments cannot be listed among the companies students trust. Their reviews show that the team cannot deliver an excellent paper on time. Many students claim that they got a low-quality essay from this company and were forced to search for help elsewhere.

The late delivery is among other pain points of this service. They usually deliver papers two or even three days after the final deadline. When one decides to get help from an academic writing service, usually they expect the paper by the date determined. So, there is enough time for revision and correction. This service doesn’t allow students to get all they need.

Moreover, if the paper is urgent, the deadline plays a considerable role. No one wants to be late with the paper. So, if you have a critical piece of writing, we suggest you search for another team for your order.

Customers Reviews
How to learn if the team can help me with the assignments I have? It is easy. You need to check their review online. Here are some we collected about PayForAssignments.co.uk on some trustworthy review websites:

“I am not happy with this service. They were late with my essay, and I failed to submit it in time. Moreover, there were a lot of mistakes in a paper I got, so I was forced to order an editing service on another website.”

“This company is a real disaster. I waited for two days to get an estimate on a simple literature essay, and then after paying a lot, I got an essay full of errors. Several rounds of amendments had not improved the writing much. I was lucky to find another team who did everything for me in just three hours.”

“I could not get an estimate for my paper from them. They ignored my emails, and customer support could not help me either.”

“Three days of delay, and I still don’t have my research paper. I paid over $300 for the paper I can order on another website for only $100!”

Final Verdict
The search for a trustworthy writing team is a time-consuming process. It costs a lot of nerves and sometimes money to choose the company you can rely on. PayForAssignments company is not the one you are looking for. This team doesn’t have transparent pricing and discounts. Moreover, they are reported by the students as an unreliable team. They are often late with the papers, and their quality is not good.

Dissertation-help.co.uk review

Dissertation-help.co.uk has a quite distinctive offer, but according to the numerous online Dissertation help reviews, the quality of their work is not at a very high level. Despite the fact that they offer writing of the most complex paper form, they do not provide any relevant information regarding their writing team and scientific background.

According to the main page of DissertationHelp, their offer is organized into 5 categories: writing consultation, primary research, editing, presentations, and statistical analysis. Each of these categories includes several sub-categories so they can meet the demands of the most demanding clients. On the contrary, clients who would like to get a price estimation could be very confused with the fact that price calculator contains many other writing forms, such as essay, report, thesis, etc. Due to this, their offer is very unclear and it is difficult to understand what is their main field of specialization.

They offer relatively good customers support. If you are interested it their service, you can contact them via online chat, or email. Customers’ support team works in 2 shifts/ 6 days per week.


Prices per page are calculated via an excellent online price calculator which gives the exact amount of money for the requested paper. The price depends only on several factors. Those are:

1. Type of order – As it is stated in the first paragraph, it is very unclear what is included in the offer of dissertation help. On the main page, it is written that they are specialized only for writing of dissertations, in their ordering form it is stated that they cover other writing forms as well. As the paper is more complex, the price per page is increased.

2. Deadline: Similarly to many other companies, as the deadline is the shorter price per page is increased. The deadline can be from 24 hours, up to 60 days. For instance, one page of dissertation written for Ph.D. students costs from £20 (60 days deadline) up to £28 (24 hours deadline). Compared to other similar companies, the influence of the deadline is not so significant.

3. Academic level: All papers can be written on 3 academic levels – undergraduate, Masters, and PhD. The most expensive are papers written for PhD students, whereas undergraduate students should pay the least for their papers. For example, one page of dissertation with 24 hours deadline costs £28 for PhD students, and £24 for Undergraduate students.

This company has certain discounts, but from the website it is not possible to find out how to get one. Clients can insert discount codes in ordering form, but it is not possible to find out how to achieve it.

Special features

From the website dissertation help its clear that this company does not have anything particular that divides it from many other similar that are working in this field. Despite the fact that they claim that they are specialized for dissertation writing, it is not clear what type of services their offer includes.

Assignmentlabs.co.uk review

The Assignmentlabs team offers five different categories of papers:

• Assignments;
• Coursework;
• Dissertation;
• Essays.

As you can see, there are very few services available. In conclusion, students cannot use assignment lab for every kind of paper they need.

The writing team is said to be made out of passionate and dedicated writers from all educational backgrounds. However, we don’t know anything about their level of study. And this would have been essential, because most of the time, passion is not enough as to complete a complex academic paper.

Those who want to buy papers from assignmentlabs, can contact the agents via phone, live chat or e-mail. The customer support is available 24/7.


The final sum of an order only depends on the urgency and the quality level. So, all papers have the same price, regardless their type or difficulty. This aspect is really unrealistic and unprofessional. However, here are several quotes:

• For a 10 day deadline, customers must pay £ 13.95 for 2:2 quality, £15.95 for 2:1 quality and £ 17.95 for first class quality;
• For a 3 day deadline, one must pay £ 21.95 for 2:2 quality, £ 23.95 for 2:1 quality and £ 27.95 for first class quality;
• For a 24 hour deadline, clients should pay £ 23.95 for 2:2 quality, £ 27.95 for 2:1 quality and £ 29.95 for first class quality.

Assignment lab has quite expensive prices that are not accessible to any student. The only solution is to always place orders in good-time and to choose long deadlines. But honestly, it is not possible to permanently ask for 10 day deadlines, because professors are unpredictable.


The company offers discounts depending on the total number of pages ordered. In this way, customers get:
• 5% off for 10 to 20 pages bought;
• 10% off for 21 to 30 pages bought;
• 15% off for 31 to 40 pages purchased.

Additionally, new customers benefit from 10% discount.

On short, the discount offered by assignmentlab depends on how much money one is willing to spend on papers.

Special features

There is an instant calculator on the assignmentlab.co.uk, but at the services section one will not find types of papers, but citation styles. This is very odd. After all, students are not buying quotation styles, but different kind of texts.

The website offers several free features like topic creation, outline, unlimited revisions, editing/proofreading, formatting and bibliography.

Assignment Lab has posted six sample papers. It is highly recommended to read them carefully before placing an order. In this way, you will check for free the writers’ skills.

Globalassignmenthelp review

Have you been thinking about using Global assignment help to get your coursework in on time? If so, you wouldn’t be the only student to seek global assignment help to make a deadline or to get the grade you need.

But before you order an assignment from any provider, it’s a good idea to check out what people are saying to see whether they’re actually worth the investment. In this case, you’ll want to search for globalassignmenthelp reviews and see what the ratings look like.

Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you, and in this post we’ll be mixing our own experience along with feedback from some of the many global assignment help reviews that are out there on the web. Here’s what you need to know.

General overview

Most global assignment help reviews agree on one thing – that they’ll get the job done if you pay them. It’s similar to how a bike will be good enough to get you around town. It just depends whether you’d prefer to drive a car.

There’s also a worrying trend of work being delayed or forgotten, which can be a problem if you’re up against a tight deadline. The quality isn’t always the best either, especially when you compare their essays to some of the top-tier premium providers on the market. They’re distinctly average.

Prices and Discounts

The problem with pricing is that it varies drastically depending upon everything from the number of words in your essay to the turnaround time and the quality that you require. Still, as a general rule, they’re one of the more affordable providers, with a 2:2 standard essay with a 15 day turnaround time starting at just over £5.

As for discounts, there are a few of them available for globalassignmenthelp.com but you need to look around for them, and there’s nothing as simple as a deal for new customers offering money off your first purchase. You should also take a look at seasonal offers and referral deals. You can save 5% by downloading and using their official app, and they also have offers for people buying in bulk or making repeat purchases.

Quality and Deadlines

Global assignment help will get the job done, but are they the best on the market? Well no, not really, and it doesn’t matter which metric you’re scoring them on. They tend to rank fairly mid-tier in terms of everything from cost to turnaround time and quality.

That means that they might make for a good backup choice, but you’ll probably want to shop around before you commit to using globalassignmenthelp.com. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with them, you just might be able to find someone better suited to you, especially if you’re covering some sort of specialist subject.

Customers Reviews

Looking for globalassignmenthelp reviews? If you check out their website, they’ll tell you that over two million customers have used them and that they have a 4.9/5 rating with over 3,000 reviews. That sounds good to begin with, until you start looking at third-party sites and see that something doesn’t quite add up. When you look at those, they tend to average somewhere between two and three stars.

Here’s what the most helpful reviewers are saying:

“Rubbish, the worst agency you could find. They delayed my assignment one month, even though I paid extra to have it ready quicker than normal. I couldn’t submit my work on time, I failed my exam and they wouldn’t give me a refund.” – I A.

“The solution delivered by them wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t exceptionally good. They generally claim to provide superior quality solutions. They failed to maintain them. The language used for writing the essay was perfect, and even the solution was well-referenced. But it didn’t include adequate information and it would have been better if their writer had done more research.” – Ellie Turner, Australian National University

Final Verdict

Don’t let that all of this put you off using them, though. Globalassignmenthelp might not be the best on the market, but they’re still a competent essay writing service and worth considering at the very least. And if you like the look of their sample essays, go ahead and give them a try. Good luck with your assignment!