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Assignmenthelponline.co.uk review

Assignmenthelponline.co.uk is a UK writing service offering a good choice of papers at most academic levels. The range of services makes this a choice that high school students all the way to graduate level students will find helpful and valuable.

The reviews on the Assignmenthelponline.co.uk aren’t all glowing, but they all say that the writers are pretty good at what they do, and the customer support is helpful and usually returns calls or emails pretty quickly. Services offered, in addition to paper writing, include homework help, editing and proofreading.

The site is reputable and does an appealing job of helping customers make an order for a paper. The colors and graphics are fun, and the site is easy to navigate, though the pages are rather long and require a lot of scrolling to reach the end.

The cost of your final product is determined by the type of assignment, the urgency, the length and the academic level you choose. It’s easy to get an idea of what you will pay by clicking the Prices tab at the top of the home page. This quote is what you’ll pay – there are no hidden costs or fees.

The difference between academic levels is minimal, but the deadline will play a big role in the final cost of your assignment. Opting for a higher academic level won’t cost you as much as waiting until it’s almost time to turn the paper in before placing an order.

Prices start at £15.83 for 10-day deadline at the High-school level. That price goes up to £46.35 for a 3-hour deadline at the Ph.D level. This is much higher than many other sites.

Assignmenthelponline.co.uk doesn’t offer a discounts page as some others do, but there is a 15% discount offered on the first order. You can get the code on the homepage and apply it your paper for a substantial saving.

This discount is a relief to many students, especially those on a budget. The site would attract more customers if it also offered discounts for large orders or multiple papers ordered at one time. The discount also allows you to give the service a try at an affordable price.

Reviews for the site are generally good ones and we give this company high marks for an easy to use website and decently affordable prices for lower level papers.

Additional Features
Assignmenthelponline.co.uk doesn’t do a very good job of listing the guarantees in a place that’s easy to find. However, once you find them, you’ll see that each assignment is guaranteed to be 100% original and there is a money back guarantee if a deadline isn’t met.

Assignmenthelponline also offers a plagiarism check for every paper written, as well as free revisions. You can also choose to get a quality report, a top writer, a priority order or text updates on the progress of your paper. Some of these features may cost extra.

Overall, the quality and pricing at Assignment Help Online is decent and students at all academic levels can benefit from the services, customer support and easy to use the website.

Assignmentmasters.co.uk review

AssignmentMasters is one of the best assignment writing services focused on the UK market. It is a legitimate company situated in the UK, but the customers have an option to hire a US writer as well. Students prefer this service because of the responsive website, an extensive list of products, fair prices, and customer-friendly policies. The types of services available on the website are:

Academic writing (essay, coursework, admission essay, dissertation, research paper, and any other project);
Assignments (statistics project, PowerPoint presentation, personal statement, lab report, and more), and
Custom Services (editing, proofreading, formatting, and admission paper editing).
Creative writing (article critique, dissertation chapter, speech, case study, etc);
The team of AssignmentMasters.co.uk consists of hand-picked dissertation writers who are capable to cope with projects of all levels of complexity. In addition to writing and editing services, the company also offers useful news and tips on its own educational blog.

The pricing system is very flexible. The final price of the project depends upon the type of paper the customer orders, its deadline, chosen quality level, extra features, and subject area. For example, essays, research papers, and other academic projects come with more affordable prices when compared to theses and dissertations. The price range for dissertations is from £19.36 to £54.36 per page; while essays are priced from £17.78 to £63.78 per page.

Engineering is one of the subjects that come with slightly higher prices (from £20.45 to £73.35 for essays).
The academic levels available at AssignmentMasters.co.uk are First Class Standard, 2:1 Standard, and 2:2 Standard. Depending on the project you want to order, the deadline range from 10 days to 3 hours, or from 2 months to 48 hours. Naturally, the customers can set a shorter deadline for simpler projects, but an entire dissertation cannot be ordered with a deadline of 3 hours.

In the order form, the customers have an opportunity to add the following extra features: proofread by editor for £3.49; fulfilled by top 10 writers for £5.02, and VIP service package for £9.01. If a returning user prefers to hire the same writer, they can enter the specific ID in the order form (this service is charged 20% of the order’s total).

There are two types of discounts available at Assignment Masters:

1. Discount code for first-time users, which provides a price reduction of 20%.

2. Discounts for returning customers

5% for those who order 15+ pages for one or several assignments;
10% for customers who accumulate more than 51 pages, and
15% for those who exceed 101 pages through their orders.
Save this code to get your 20% 1st order discount

Special features
The Assignment Masters Blog is quite decent. It features plenty of articles that can be useful for both students and educators. The publications are mostly focused on news related to the UK educational system. This company is not solely interested in completing orders for its customers; it also strives to help them improve their own writing skills.

Essaypro.com review

If you’ve been thinking about giving Essaypro a go, you’ve come to the right place. That’s because we’ve had plenty of experience of working with different essay writing companies, and we’ve got a feel for what makes a good provider.

And so before you go ahead and place your first order, be sure to give our essaypro review a read first to find out what you’re letting yourself in for. Here’s what you need to know about essaypro.

General overview

One of the problems that we hear a lot about with EssayPro.com is that they don’t have a particularly high quality when it comes to their final product. They regularly use non-English natives as a matter of course, and this has a huge effect on the quality of their output.

On top of that, they’re often late to deliver work to their customers, and that’s a big problem. If you receive your coursework late, you turn it in late. And if you turn it in late, you can fail your course. We might be able to forgive them for that if they were easily affordable, but they’re not. In fact, they often work out as more expensive than competitors who do a better job of things.

Prices and Discounts

As with any essay writing company, it’s difficult to say exactly how much they’ll set you back because it really depends on what you’re looking for. As a general rule, the longer your essay is and the shorter your deadline is, the more you can expect to pay.

Their pricing is pretty much on par with other providers, but bear in mind that they don’t necessarily have the same quality. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that they’re proof that there’s no truth to the saying that you get what you pay for.

Quality and Deadlines

Coming off the back of a GlobalAssignmentHelp.com review, who were mediocre at best, we were hoping for something a little better. Unfortunately, essay pro is even worse, and while they’re not quite the perfect example of how not to do it, the pros list is a lot shorter than the cons.

While it’s true that not every one of their essays is delivered late, there’s still a sizeable percentage of unhappy customers. As for quality, they mostly use writers who speak English as a second language, so you could say that they’re not the best.

Customers Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, though. We’ve taken a look at some of the essay pro reviews we could find on third-party websites and shared a few that we think are worth noting. We should also say that on most other sites, they tend to have fairly good reviews overall, but that doesn’t tally with our experience. We wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been paying people to write positive essaypro reviews.

Here are a few of the reviews to take note of:

“I wanted them to write a thesis. I picked a writer who said he was an expert in the field and had written before. I explained in detail what I wanted, but I realised that he had no knowledge. [When I finally handed my paper in], my supervisor told me that I’d failed and that I’d only done 15% of the work. When I explained the situation to customer service, they said that I couldn’t get a refund because the order was completed.” – Drake

“They’re the worst essay-writing service. My writer was from Kenya and he wasn’t able to give me my papers on time. That’s not what I expect to see when I pay $150.” – Albert Ran

“They plagiarised my entire paper.” – Customer #160802

“I got a C on the paper that I paid for.” – Customer #162280

Final Verdict

If you take anything away with you from this essay pro review, it should be this: that there are better alternatives on the market. That’s not to say that they won’t deliver an essay, because they will. It’s just that essay pro isn’t the best value for money, and nor are they the best quality.

So if you’ve been shopping around for a company to write your essay and you’ve been thinking about going with essaypro, it might be worth having a rethink. There are other providers who can do a better job of things. Give them a try instead.

Uk.bestessays.com review

Uk.bestessays.com is a UK essay writing company with more than 20 years of writing experience. Their team of professional essay writers can work on 5 types of services: Writing service (Essay, Coursework, Research Paper, etc.), Application service (Personal Statement, Scholarship Essay, Editing), Assignments (Programming, Research Summary, Multiple Choice Question, etc.), Editing Service (Editing, Proofreading, Rewriting), and Resume Services (CV writing and editing, Cover Letter writing).

Customers can contact support team 24/7 via online chat application, toll-free call, Skype or through the email.


The price of the paper depends is calculated according to several rules. It depends on several factors:

Type of Document – Dissertations and Thesis cost more than other paper types.
Urgency – More urgent documents more than papers with a longer deadline.
Subject Area – Papers about technology are more expensive.
Quality Level – Three quality levels are offered. Those are: First Class Standard, 2:1 Standard, and 2:2 Standard.
Spacing – Single spaced documents costs two times more than double spaced document
Additional feature: Proofread by Editor – $9.59, Fulfilled by TOP 10 writers – $7.60, VIP support – $9.99).
Revision Timeframe – revisions during the first 14 days are free of charge, but within 1 months are 10%, and within 2 months are 20%.
All in all, the price range for paper page is quite wide. The cheapest is Essay written within 10 days about some non-technological subject according to 2:2 Standard and without additional features. It costs £15.35. Dissertation written within the same deadline and according to the same standard costs £20.95. Finally, if we choose the shortest deadline and add all possible features to technology-related paper, essay can cost up to $180.08, while the price for dissertation under the same circumstances is up to $158.18.


This company has two discount policies that are created for the two types of customers.

The first one is one-time discount and it is aimed for the first time users. It counts 20% and customer can apply it during the ordering procedure.

The second discount program is created for returning customers who can get the status of the bronze, silver or gold member on the basis of the number of the previously ordered pages. For ordering 15-50 pages customer gets the bronze membership and discount of 5%, for ordering 51-100 pages gets the silver membership and 10% discount, and finally, for ordering 101+ pages discount counts 15% and the status is gold.

Save this code to get your 20% 1st order discount
Additional Feature

This service guarantees 100% original work, but doesn’t provide money back guaranty if paper is plagiarized. Every paper includes several free features, such as Title Page, Bibliography, Outline, E-mail delivery, etc.

What Students Say About UK BestEssays
Great Bang for Your Buck ‒ Sue Aldridge

Uk.BestEssays.com is a relatively cheap service for anyone needing to get papers fast. I had this paper on gender theory that I was running out of time to do. Luckily, my writer, with a PhD in women’s studies, was able to help me out to great results. The only problem I had was the long time I was put on hold for customer service. Other than that, everything was great.

A Simple Online System Even for an Old Timer ‒ Bob Cantor

I recently decided to go back to college after retiring but really had a hard time writing well. That’s why I sought this service to help me out with the research and writing end. Their online system is very simple and straight forward so that even I could understand. I found a few grammatical mistakes in my paper but nothing huge. Overall, great service!

Top Marks on My Programming Assignment ‒ Liam Mayfield

While I’m great at programming, that doesn’t mean I always have time to do all my programming assignments. It’s not the cheapest service around but they definitely knew what they were doing. They were able to help me with all my assignments in C++, flash, HTML and more. Can’t complain really!

My Scholarship Essay from Them Really Worked ‒ Gopal Mehra

As a new arrival to Great Britain, I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on university. But nowadays, it is basically required to have a university education in order to get a decent job. I turned to Uk.BestEssays.com and they helped me to formulate the best scholarship essay I could. I’m now studying and am so glad that I chose to use their services.

Great Discounts for the Starving Student ‒ Anna Lee Baker

As a first year student, I just don’t have a lot of money to spend on writing services. My grades were suffering because I can’t write all that well, which is why I turned to Uk.BestEssays.com. My writer helped me to craft the perfect end of the semester paper in no time at all. The discounts I got were also great. Checking on my paper’s status was a little difficult but was certainly not a deal breaker for me.

Excellent Editing Services for Non-Native Speakers ‒ Oksana Shevchenko

I’m currently a grad student in Britain whose native language isn’t English. I want to turn in the best work possible but it is difficult with my language skills. With the help from my editor at Uk.BestEssays.com, my papers have been highly graded and I have been very pleased. I will only say that you should get your assignments to this service as soon as possible to get them back on-time.

Maths Assignments for the Quantitatively Challenged ‒ Scott Andrews

I have never enjoyed maths, statistics, geometry, the whole bit. I’m not good at it and my grades have always suffered in this subject as a result. But statistics was a required course at my college that I absolutely had to pass to graduate. My statistics guru at Uk.BestEssays.com was able to help me with my statistics assignments and gave me a few pointers that helped me pass the final exam. Thanks Uk.BestEssays.com!

Article Impressed Even My Crotchety Supervisor ‒ Catherine Eleazar

I’m in a tough physics program and needed to write an article for my PhD requirements. Unfortunately, with all the work I have to do, I didn’t have the time to write it. I’m so glad that I found Uk.BestEssays.com to write an original physics article that even made my difficult, old supervisor happy. It was not as cheap as I expected but it got the job done.

A Dissertation Chapter Fit for a King ‒ Kent Lyndon

I was having a difficult time starting to write on my dissertation. That’s why I let the dissertation chapter writing services at Uk.BestEssays.com help me to write my first dissertation chapter. I didn’t end up using everything they wrote for me but it really helped to point me in the right direction.

Bibliographies Effortlessly Formatted ‒ Jane Simmons

I always manage to mess up my bibliographies with all their formatting restrictions. That’s why I turn to Uk.BestEssays.com to help me format them properly. They may charge a little more than expected for such a simple service, but their discounts help to make up for that.

Ukassignmentshelp.co.uk review

With some of the most affordable pricing on the market, UKAssignmentsHelp can meet the needs of all kinds of students, no matter their age or academic level.

British writers can work on virtually any assignment, from a high school essay all the way to a dissertation for a Ph.D. In addition, they also offer law writing, dissertation chapters, editing and proofreading.

Ukassignmentshelp.co.uk reviews say that the site has decent customer service, which you can contact anytime. They usually get back to you quickly, but you would need to wait in some instances. Even though the diversity of available assignments isn’t as wide as other sites, you should be happy with the work done here.

The pricing of a paper is determined by the quality, deadline, length and subject area. To get a quote, simply click on the Pricing tab at the top of the home page. You can then order your paper based on your needs and you’ll get a handy quote right away.

The best price will come with a longer deadline and costs go up the more quickly you need the paper. The pricing difference among quality levels is a bit more spread out than other sites and you may find that the lowest quality is fine for a basic paper. You’ll pay £5 more per page with each jump in quality level, which is, disappointingly, considerably higher than most other sites.

Prices start at £14.99 for the lowest quality and go up to £38.99 for the highest quality. Longer papers and shorter deadlines increase the price, with a range of £23.99 to £33.99 with a 24-hour deadline.

There isn’t a standard set of discounts for the site, but if you sign up with your name and email, you can get a discount code sent to you. Other sites offer discounts on first orders and multiple orders, but it doesn’t seem like you’ll find that at this site.

If you have time to wait for a discount code to be emailed to you, you can save a decent amount of money on your assignment. For students on a budget, this can be a relief. However, it would be easier if codes were offered right on the site.

The reputation of Ukassignmentshelp aligns with the prices, and you’ll get a decent quality paper for the money you’ll spend. If you spend a lot of time on the site, you may come across an advertised discount somewhere.

Additional Features
In addition to papers written by professional writers, there are extras. The site checks every paper for plagiarism, there are customer service representatives available 24 hours per day and free revisions are available on all orders.

Unlike other sites, there isn’t a big difference between extra features among the quality levels. Each seems to offer similar perks. However, there are some extra services that you can pay for at any quality level.

Overall, UKAssignmentsHelp is a decent site for average papers. They offer fair pricing and quick turnaround. Great customer service makes this a site you should try if you have a basic paper that needs doing.

Rushmyessay.co.uk review

You never know what may happen to you the next day. Unfortunately, the world around us is cruel, and you need to solve a lot of things daily. When you study at a university or college, any adverse event may significantly impact your success. You need to be backed with something just because money is already paid for your education. And you cannot quit because of something that happened to you or your beloved.

Load during the classes and tasks you ought to complete each term do not look realistic. You might not have enough time to complete them all. Having a reliable writing service behind you is what you need to consider. But how to select the team to solve all you need?

If you are searching for the best and cheap essay writing service UK, you might have already heard about Rush My Essay UK. This is one of the most discussed writing companies on the UK market, and today, we will discuss its features so you may decide if they can help you.

General Overview
Before rolling into RushMyEssay.co.uk review, let us discuss what is important about this company you should pay attention to. Any UK service should guarantee that your paper is written by a native speaker. Poorly written papers will bring you more troubles than good. Luckily RushMyEssay.co.uk promises that your paper will be written by a native speaker, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

Next, the essential feature is the deadline. If you have an urgent requirement, you are stressed without knowing that the team can bring your paper in time. Many RushMyEssay.co.uk reviews state that the company delivers even before the deadline that is an impressive achievement.

And the final one is the paper types. You need to pick the team that can bring you almost any kind of paper you might need. At RushMyEssay, they have a broad range of services to choose from. And it is not limited to academic writing. You can also get editing and proofreading help here.

Prices and Discounts
You can never know how urgent your order might be. That is why choosing a company with transparent and easy to understand pricing is mandatory. At Rush My Essay, the price is calculated following several factors: the paper type, number of pages you need, urgency and the quality package you choose. Let us dig into packages. There are three of them:

Standard. The package includes writing, connection with your writer and formatting of your paper. It is a basic package, and here the price starts from £14.78 per page.
Premium. In addition to all mentioned above, you will get a set of unique free features and progress notifications. It is useful when you are stressed about your order. Here price starts from £16.25 per page.
Platinum. The excellent choice for the ones who value all-inclusive packages. In addition to all in standard and premium packages, you are getting VIP support. Your order is fulfilled by the top writer. The price here starts at £16.99.
Additionally, the RushMyEssay.co.uk team runs a loyalty program. You can get up to 15 % off of a permanent discount for any paper. This discount is automatically applied once you reach a definite number of pages with all your orders at this team.

Quality and Deadlines
Probably it is one of the most essential points in our RushMyEssay review, and here we will cover the quality of papers and deadlines.

When you are paying for something online, you expect to get the best possible quality of writing. And according to RushMyEssay reviews we found online, many students are satisfied with the quality of papers they got. Moreover, a lot of them highlight not only excellent writing but also creativity and in-depth research.

As for deadlines, the team guarantees in time delivery and all the features provided with the order prove this. Moreover, platinum users can get SMS notifications about the progress. So, if you have any doubts, you can roll into this package and check it yourself.

Customers Reviews
As we mentioned before, there are a lot of positive RushMyEssay reviews from happy customers, so here are some we liked the most:

“Excellent paper on British Council. The writer turned on her creativity and made the dull international relationship paper creative. Thank you!”

Alan H. Jr.
“I struggled at college and needed two papers urgently, so I ordered it on Rush My Essay. I am happy with my choice since both papers were on time. Moreover, quality was beyond my expectations.”

Diana P.
“Less stress with this friendly team. I had several orders here, and they are all excellent. I am not worried about my essays and can prepare for tests and exams.”

Brandon K.
“It is great that I found a genuine British team. Before that, I ordered papers at other services, and they were terrible and expensive. Here, it worth every penny.”

Elizabet W.
Final Verdict
It is hard to find a genuine academic writing team, moreover, when you study in the UK. Nevertheless, there are some gems among all the stuff you can find only, and one of them is this team. In our Rush My Essay review, we highlighted the primary benefits of this company, and among them only native UK writers, broad service offering and attractive prices and discounts. The package system the company offers stick our attention since it gives the student the freedom not to overpay. Moreover, the only reputation of the team speaks on itself.

Papertrue.com review

PaperTrue.com is a brand new proofreading and editing service. We’re happy to see more dedicated editing services coming out. It’s a new trend in the academic writing industry. It’s good to know that if you already have a paper, you can hire an editor to polish it up for you.

That being said, we should keep in mind that some of the best essay writing services UK also offer proofreading and editing help. The difference is that this company does not offer writing assistance. Only editing and proofreading.

Is it good?

We were wondering about the same thing, too. We decided to submit a paper for editing, so we could complete this detailed PaperTrue.com review for you.

Customer Reviews
“They say that an editing service makes your content not only error-free, but improved in style, too. That didn’t happen with this company. They only fixed the spelling.”

William E.
“I wasn’t too happy with the result. I specifically asked the editor to improve the references, since I didn’t know how to format them by MLA style. Apparently, he didn’t know either. The references were just as messy as they were when I submitted the paper for formatting and editing. What a waste of money!”

Lucia C.
Academic Services Offered
We followed our usual evaluating pattern for this PaperTrue review. First, we checked the list of services. The offer is limited to proofreading and editing services, but it’s really good.

These are the categories of services available here:

Job applicants
Students are mostly interested in the Academic category. It’s available for various types of content:

Research paper
Journal article
Literature review
Report, and more
Before placing an order, you can check out a few proofreading samples that are available on the website. This was the first moment of doubt for us. These are not proofreading samples. They are comments and suggestions. The editors underlined a few issues and wrote comments on how the students could improve them. If you’re hoping to get a paper that’s ready to be submitted, it won’t look like this.

Plus, the comments in these samples are rude. “Since Wind is not a title which you are consistently using in your report, there is no need to capitalize the word.” Do you notice the passive-aggressive attitude here? It’s not how a true professional would suggest improvements.

Pricing Model and Payment Options
Paper True sets affordable prices for editing. There’s a price calculator that asks you about the word count. The type of paper doesn’t make a difference.

If you have a paper of 250 words, the company offers a price of $15 if you choose the deadline of one day. If you want the editing process to be completed within 12 hours, it will cost $23. As the number of words increases, so does the price.

Your order will include academic proofreading, editing, referencing, formatting, plagiarism report, and free revision of the editing document. That’s the tricky part. The editors actually offer comments, without really improving the essence of the content. For this price, you’re not getting enough.

Discounts and Loyalty
PaperTrue doesn’t have a classic discount program. You can get a free sample that shows the quality of the proofreading services, and we already complained about that part. This is considered to be an “extra” service that’s included in the price.

But if you check the price calculator, you’ll notice that the price doesn’t progressively grow as you increase the number of words. For example, 250 words of editing cost $15, but 1000 words will cost $34. It means that you’re getting a lower price if you need a larger project to be edited.

This is a good aspect of most PaperTrue reviews. The price is affordable as it is, but we have to consider it regarding the quality that the team provides.

Paper Quality
Once we saw the sample, we didn’t really know what to expect from PaperTrue. We checked a few Paper True reviews, and we realized that the company didn’t fully edit the papers that the students paid for. We were in the same situation.

We received a Word document with comments on the side. The editor fixed a few grammar issues and that was it. The remaining “editing” looked like this: “This sentence doesn’t seem connected with the previous paragraph.” Okay, it’s not connected. But it’s your job as an editor to connect it, not to give me hints.

Website Usability
The website is nice. It’s clean, it gives you a final price without extra costs, and it makes the order placement easy.

The problem is that although it says that you’re getting a “free revision of your edited document,” you’re still supposed to get an edited document, with improved clarity, style, and coherence. You don’t. You only get comments like “this is not clear enough,” but the editors don’t bother to fix the issue. That’s something that’s not clarified on the website, and that’s the biggest problem that we highlight in our Paper True review.

Customer Care and Support
The live chat works. We tried it a few times, and an agent was always ready to respond.

When we complained about not getting a good result from the editor, the agent said that they would forward the issue to a manager. We waited for two days, and we got an answer that the request was reviewed, and our requirement for a full revision was denied.

To wrap up this PaperTrue review, we’re sorry to say that it’s not the best editing service to hire.

The prices are affordable at first glance, but it turns out expensive when you realize that you’re not getting the content fully edited.

The website is nice, and it’s a good idea to offer dedicated editing/proofreading assistance. However, there are companies that deliver better quality. We would suggest EssayWritingLab.co.uk and AssignmentMasters.co.uk services as two of the best ones.

Oxbridgeediting.co.uk review

OxbridgeEditing.co.uk is an interesting UK service that offers editing assistance to students, academics, individuals, and organizations. We’ll clarify this right away: it’s not among the top essay writing services UK. That’s because it doesn’t offer writing services at all. You can only upload your paper and get it edited.

In this OxbridgeEditing review, you’ll find detailed information about the services and prices. We’ll also discuss the quality that you can expect from these editors, as well as its value regarding the price.

User Reviews
“I asked the editor to fix my article review. It wasn’t “academic” enough for my professor, so he asked me to edit it. I wasn’t happy with the result. The editor shortened the sentences and paragraphs. It was even less “academic” than it first was.”

Jennifer J.
“I got my essay edited well, but I have to say that the prices are too expensive. There are more effective and more affordable editing agencies to use.”

Lawrence D.
Services Offered
This company only offers proofreading and editing services. That being said, they are very detailed with their offer, and they categorize it well. These are the categories, based on the user’s needs:

Then, each of these categories has its subcategories. If you’re a student, you’ll be able to choose between Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD level. Then you’ll choose the subject and document type (essay, coursework, assignment, personal statement, full dissertation, or dissertation chapter).

Then you’ll provide information about the word count, and you’ll be able to choose the actual service:

Oxbridge proofreading
Stylistic editing
This systemized offer is one of the highlights in our Oxbridge Editing review. We like the way the company focuses on a particular service (editing), but makes it as versatile as possible.

Pricing Model and Payment Options
Since the offer of editing services is a tad complex, so is the pricing system. However, the website gives you a clear price, which is final before placing the order.

For example, let’s say you’re an undergraduate student, who needs an editor to work on their essay for business studies. If it’s 250 words long, formatting, proofreading, and stylistic editing cost £20 each. If your paper is 1000 words long, you’ll pay £20 for formatting, £25 for proofreading, and £40 for stylistic editing. The interesting thing is that if you choose PhD quality, the price remains the same.

These are the quotes for Standard delivery of 7 days. If you want Fast delivery of 3 days, you’ll pay a slightly higher price. Unfortunately, faster delivery is not available. At some other sites, you can get a paper edited in a matter of hours for a price similar to this one.

For this Oxbridge Editing review, we placed an order for editing. We’ll share our insights: is this price worth paying for the quality we got?

Discounts and Loyalty
This company does not offer any discount codes. However, the final price is discounted when you want longer document editing. Thus, a document of 1000 words comes with the same price as a document of 500 words. From that aspect, you actually do get discounts, but only when your order comes in a bigger volume.

We would be happier to feature actual welcome discounts and a loyalty program in our OxbridgeEditing.co.uk review. This company has different policies, which may disappoint some students.

Paper Quality
You came here to get precise Oxbridge Editing reviews, so we did what you expected us to do. We placed an order for essay editing and formatting at this website. Those are two different services for the same content.

Our expectations were huge. The site has a very professional appeal. We assumed we’d be working with qualified UK editors, who would improve the quality of any essay.

We deliberately sent a flawed paper. It had no connection and transitions between the body paragraphs. It didn’t have a thesis statement. It had a few grammar and spelling issues, too.

We received the edited essay on time. However, it wasn’t as “edited” as we expected. We opted for the stylistic editing service, so we assumed that the writer would improve the style and logical flow. That didn’t happen. The writer only fixed grammar and spelling issues. Nothing more. It seems like they don’t make a difference between proofreading and editing, but they charge more for editing.

As for the formatting part, the writer didn’t do anything. He actually broke down the body paragraphs, saying that he meant to improve the reading experience. But formatting, as a service, has to do with references. The references in this paper had no structure when we sent the document. We received it back in the exact same format.

Website Usability
Oxbridge Editing is a nice-looking website. It makes it easy for you to choose the correct type of service, it gives you a straightforward price, and it enables you to submit an order without any inconveniences.

Customer Care and Support
Oxbridge Editing is supposed to have a live chat, but the agents are never online. There’s a “Back in 1h” info in the live chat, and it seems like that hour never passes.

We tried to contact the support to get our essay edited in a better way since we weren’t happy with the results. We left a message, but never got a response.

At first sight, OxbridgeEditingseemed like an outstanding service for editing and proofreading. However, the quality of the product disappointed us. We had high expectations, but a student could’ve easily made the same changes if they used Word’s grammar and spelling suggestions. The “professional” editor did NOTHING in terms of improving the style and logical flow.

If you’re looking for a better service to edit your papers, you can check out EssaysGeeks.co.uk and BrillAssignment.co.uk. They have similar prices, but much better quality of service.

Bestassignmenthelp.co.uk review

The name of this service implies that this is the best help you can get for your academic assignments. Aside from this, the company also promises numerous free features and competitive prices for your papers. The aim of our review is to establish whether these promises are true or false.

Bestassignmenthelp.co.uk makes the following promises to its customers:

Top-notch quality
Credible writers
High formatting standards
Numerous free features
Cynthia Grimes: For a company that calls itself the best assignment help, I expected much more. I got a good paper, but it was definitely not worth an A or the price I paid for it.

Virginia Blackwell: Ordering from bestassignmenthelp.co.uk was a huge mistake! I got content full of mistakes, probably written by someone who had English as their second language! Additionally, when I asked for a revision, it took the agent half an hour to confirm my request.

Types of Papers Offered by BestAssignmentHelp
You would think that a page called ‘Services’ will list the types of papers the company provides, but this is not the case with this company. The only thing we found on the Services page is irrelevant content and no indication of what exactly they provide. If you want to see if the company offers the paper you need, you can only do this in the ordering form.

The list on the ordering page is long, which means the company provides the most commonly requested services and more specific ones such as multiple-choice questions, PowerPoint presentations, programming, multimedia projects, simulation reports, etc.

Prices, Discounts, and Special Offers
Prices for papers with a deadline of 10 days and more range from £11.50 to £14.50 per page, while a deadline of 24 hours would cost you £23.50 to £29.50 per page. This indicates that the prices here are affordable and can be considered adequate if the company provides quality content.

Bestassignmenthelp.co.uk offers numerous free features such as free bibliography, a title page, and unlimited revisions. However, we found no indication of any kind of discount, not even a first-order discount. There is an empty field in the ordering section where you can enter a discount code, which is non-existent on the website. We recommend that you contact customer service for the code prior to making a purchase.

Quality of Content and On-Time Delivery
We said that the prices this company offers would be suitable for quality content, but this is not the case with this service. What we got after ordering a research paper was content that had no references!

Irritated and frustrated, we immediately asked for a revision. What we got was a revised paper delivered two days later, full of unreliable sources that were nowhere to be found in the paper.

Customer Service Efficacy
The customer service also disappointed us. We tried to reach them in order to get a discount code, but no one replied to our request. They finally replied when we got the bad research paper and were extremely rude. We got the revision two days later, which was a day after the original deadline.

Aside from the live chat, you can also contact BestAssignmentHelp via phone or email.

In conclusion, bestassignmenthelp.co.uk is a valid service, but definitely not one we would recommend. They deliver papers of bad quality and have horrible customer service that replies occasionally. Even though they promise free revisions, they deliver them days after the request, which is something no student could tolerate.

Urgentessayhelp.co.uk review

UrgentEssayHelp.co.uk is an online provider of writing services for college and university students. They present themself as the best essay writing service UK and promise to offer brilliant essays, research papers, and dissertation papers to anyone who needs them. At first glance, the website looks professional, but at a closer look, we found that plenty of reliable information is missing. UrgentEssayHelp.co.uk does not display on their website the exact way in which you can place an order. Most reputable companies show their clients step-by-step guidelines on how to place an order. Then, we could not see there any free samples that students could check before placing an actual order. These samples would help you check on the quality and see if this is something you are looking for.

There is an online calculator available, but it is useless. It does not work well when we tried to calculate the cost of a 10-page essay in Literature. We could not find out the price we need to pay before placing an order. UrgentEsayHelp does not have the best website out there, and we consider that there are plenty of tools missing such as: an online price calculator that works, a short biography of the available writers, free samples, types of papers available and so on. Keep reading to find out even more details about Urgent Essay Help.

General Overview
This UrgentEssayHelp.co.uk review will help you understand the truth about this company. Should you place your next essay order here? Should you trust the writers with help on your important essay? We will disclose to you everything you need to know in this UrgentEssayHelp.co.uk review. This is an honest and unbiased review. Our team of highly skilled experts has thoroughly tested the entire website and the writers to bring you all the important details.

Once you check out the main website, you will notice the Order Now button. In our opinion, before inviting you to buy, they should enlist the reasons why you should place your order there. For example, they do not enlist the available Guarantees. These should include a Money Back guarantee, the confidentiality guarantee, or the no plagiarism guarantee. Then, in this UrgentEssayHelp review, we can also disclose that they state they are fair with prices but they do not specify the exact starting price for one page of writing (for example, essays starting at $10 per page).

Prices and Discounts
For this Urgent Esay Help review, we have checked all the aspects of this company. Unfortunately, on their website there is no separate section enlisting the prices charged or the discounts available. We only know that one page of writing starts at about $8, but this is not too clear either. While trying to check the exact cost of a short essay, the calculator did not give us any result. We went one step further and contacted the support department. There, they told us that all the information we need is available on the website.

Certainly, we asked them about the prices charged, and we did not receive an answer. We consider this company is quite shady, especially when they do not inform any visitor about the exact costs. There are also no discounts available whatsoever. Instead, we could find a few short guarantees such as Plag-Free content, Thorough proofreading, Free revisions and on-time delivery. Most available UrgentEssayHelp.co.uk reviews also show many complains that the service does not display its prices.

Quality and Deadlines
They promised on-time delivery of each paper, and we wanted to check this fact. We placed an order for an essay in History. They missed or deadline by 4 days, and the quality was very poor. The essay was not accurate in facts, and it clearly contained plagiarism. We gave the writers all the information that must be included, but they did not include these facts. Many UrgentEssayHelp reviews also complained that the quality of their papers was very poor. We consider these essays were not written by someone with an MA or PhD degree in a relevant field.

Customer Reviews
The following UrgentEssayHelp reviews will help you understand why you should not choose this service. You should not go through trial and error, and this way you will not lose your time and money on something that is not worth.

“I recently bought an essay in Literature from them. The essay was a complete disaster and it cost a fortune. I will never use them again for my papers”

“My teacher asked me to write a complex paper in Physics. I am not good at writing, so I hired the writers available here. They totally messed up my paper, and also missed the deadline. I didn’t receive any discounts at all…”

“I do not recommend their service. Poor writing& very poor communication”

“If you are looking for a well drafted Literature essay, you should not rely on this service. They delivered a plagiarism filled essay and of course I could not use it…but I had to pay for it. Search for something else”

Final Verdict
Summing it up, we do not recommend the services of this company to any student. They provide very little useful information on their website, and you cannot check the cost of a paper before actually placing your order. Even according to several genuine reviews, it is not worth investing your time and money in this service. They offer very poor-quality papers, and you can never know who wrote your paper. There are many reliable online sources available that can help you find a reputable writing service charging affordable prices and offering decent quality papers in all fields.