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Britishessaywriting.co.uk review

Deciding on what writing service to use for your essays can be quite overwhelming as there are lots of options for you out there. It doesn’t even help that there are tons of unqualified writing companies parading to be the best essay writing service at what they do.

You are here because you need a detailed breakdown of British Essay Writing reviews, and yes, you are in the right place.

Let’s get down to business. As a student, here’s all you need to know about British Essay Writing;

General Overview
We understand that it can be complex to execute an essay to perfection, but why take on a project you can guarantee nothing but the best? Of all the negative responses we have seen on BritishEssayWriting.co.uk reviews, one of the most glaring has to be the fact that their essays are completely under-quality and most times filled with wrong information.

Judging by the reviews of more than 90% of BritishEssayWriting.co.uk, it’s safe to say that they are one of the worst writing services to deal with.

They are known for delivering essays that don’t meet up to university standards, which can obviously result in failing modules and having to re-take a course.

Also, their 100% money return policy is a scam, because they do not in fact return a dime. They hardly stick to deadlines, so if you are on a tight deadline, be sure not to contact them.

Prices and Discount
It’s often believed by the majority that good quality comes at an expensive price, but that’s not the same for this writing service. You get to pay a lot of money for a paper that will eventually get rejected. So many students have had to live with regrets, because of the academic setback that comes with failing a particular paper.

It’s always in your best interest to research about a writing service before committing your money to them. The essence of this BritishEssayWriting.co.uk review is to give you an insight as to how you’ll definitely lose your money for a paper that you may even perform better if done on your own. And remember, their refund policy is a scam.

Quality and Deadlines
From the BritishEssayWriting review we have seen so far, it’s clear that the essays aren’t being handled by native English speakers. They employ writers who have zero knowledge on how to write dissertation papers or even simple essays to say the least.

The quality of most of their essays is way below college level, and they’ll never refund your money.

A large percentage of their clients believe that they source for academic papers in different languages, and translate them to English using Google translate. This goes to show you how the poor quality and plagiarized content you’ll be getting if you ever decide to use them.

They are very awful at sticking to the deadlines they provide, and this is definitely another factor you should look into. Because what’s worse than submitting a plagiarized and sub-standard paper to your supervisor? Submitting nothing at all.

Customer Service
They unarguably have the worst customer support system. However, you can’t expect much from a company that deliberately defrauds its clients of their hard-earned bucks.

The majority of their displeased clients have tried complaining in hopes of at least getting their money back, but to no avail. Customer support provides little to zero help in this aspect, and in the long run, they stop taking calls and responding when a client becomes persistent.

Customers Reviews
If you still aren’t satisfied or convinced with the reviews, we have provided for you, then you may want to read comments from those who were affected directly.

We have put out reviews from third-party websites, and it’d be best to do your own research too. But before doing that, keep in mind that you may find some positive reviews, but it’s very easy to tell that those reviews are fake, and they were obviously paid for. The ratio of negative reviews to positive reviews about BritishEssayWriting.co.uk is 85:15, so that should tell you all you need to know.

Take a careful read at these reviews:

“DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. This service is so bad. The paper was very bad, I have no idea where the writer was from but the paper was written in another language them translated to English with google translate. Do not believe anything they say to you because it is most likely a lie. Not only was the paper late it was absolutely awful and they are refusing to refund my £580.” – Shalom

“Requested a first-class paper with 25 references and received an absolute rubbish piece of work with 5 references. I requested a review and that came back even worse. Please avoid this website. Customer services would not comment on the matter. I requested a refund an s per their website policy but have never received it. Now thinking of informing the police. They are scam artists. They will trick you into buying an essay but will never deliver anything close to what you requested. Avoid and you’ll save a lot of money.” Jakub

“Guys please be careful this website is fraud, they will take your money, they all are Indians pretending to be American accent and fake names. They are completely fraud, please help!” – Michael

“They totally ignored the checklist – what was the point of the checklist?!” – Grad

Final Verdict
After reading our comprehensive review, it’s worth noting that this writing services, isn’t one you should identify with. They will only end up giving you plagiarized content at an exorbitant price. Do not waste your time/money on this writing service, because you won’t even get compensated when they don’t deliver as promised.

There are tons of writing services out there that have high, positive reviews, a little research will help you make the right choice.

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