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Britishessaywriters.co.uk review

British essay writers UK might talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? And perhaps more importantly, why do they call themselves that when almost every British essay writers staff member speaks English as a second language?

In fact, this is another area where pretty much every British essay writers review calls them out on it. They claim to be British but are clearly using false names for their emails and if you do manage to get one of them on the telephone, it’s pretty obvious that they’re putting on fake American accents.

It’s probably not the best sign when a provider that you’re thinking of using is routinely lying to their customers, but perhaps you can put that behind you and just think of it as marketing hype. So in that case, is Britishessaywriters.co.uk worth going with? Find out now in our british essay writers review.

Price, Discounts and Deadlines
Britishessaywriters is priced towards the middle of the market, and as far as we can tell there are no major discounts or special offers out there for you to take advantage of. In fact, your best chance of getting a discount is probably to order an essay, to complain about it when it inevitably turns out to be sub-standard, and then to hope for a discount on a future project. Unfortunately, the chances are just as good that they’ll totally ignore you.

This is where Britishessaywriters really falls down, and the lack of quality is a common theme throughout every review that we’ve come across. If it’s quality that you’re looking for, you’d honestly be better off asking a kid to write it for you, as long as they speak fluent English.

That’s because almost every paper that we’ve looked at from Britishessaywriters has come back with the kind of basic spelling and grammar mistakes that only a non-native speaker could make. That’s a shame, because you’d hope for better from a company with “British” in its name and the prices that they charge.

Customer Reviews
It’s not just us who are less than impressed with Britishessaywriters, either. If you take a look at any random Britishessaywriters review, the chances are high that you’ll find someone complaining about either the poor customer service or the low quality of the assignment that they eventually delivered.

For example, one customer called Grad wrote,

“There’s no way to contact them. Their WhatsApp doesn’t work, you can’t email them and they never pick up the phone. I’m not even convinced that it’s the right number. They prey on desperate students who need to do well in order to maintain good grades.”

One particularly common theme that we’ve seen in more than one Britishessaywriters review is the company failing to deliver their papers on time. In the vast majority of cases, the customers were only informed on the day of the deadline.

Money-back Guarantees
Britishessaywriters.co.uk doesn’t offer any money back guarantees, but perhaps that’s not surprising when you consider that half the time, people don’t even receive the essay they ordered – or if they do, it’s not up to the required standard.

One reviewer went so far as to write,

“Stay away from this company unless you want to get scammed out of your money. They’re scammers and thieves and will take your money and give you a terrible piece of work with horrible spelling and grammar.”

And with no money-back guarantee, there’s also no security if they fail to deliver the work on time and up to standard. It’s just not worth the risk.

Final Verdict
With all these different factors in mind, you’d have to be crazy to go with this company as opposed to any of the dozens of others on the market. You’ll get better quality and better value for money literally by just drawing a random company’s name out of a hat, but why do that when there are so many reviews out there? Spend some time looking at some other companies and what people are saying about them before you go ahead and commit. Good luck.

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