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Britishassignmentwriters.co.uk review

As the popularity of essay writing services has grown, so have companies such as BritishAssignmentwriters.co.uk. Their team is made up of people who live in Britain, though a significant number are of Middle Eastern or Eastern descent. The writers concentrate mostly only academic essays, but they are willing to complete blog posts if needed. The company caters mostly to people entering higher education.

Despite the fact that they concentrate only on British papers, their writers are willing to accept orders for papers from other countries. They also have several published writers from the liberal arts sector, including a woman who wrote a book about feminism. The team work on a full-time basis, though most work remotely.

You may submit your project or assignment online and make your order via their website. The website is not built for lots of traffic, which means it may freeze or crash during peak seasons. Try switching web browser if you keep encountering the same problem. You may also submit complaints via the customer service department if the freezing or failure to load problem persists.

In the BritishAssignmentwriters.co.uk web designer’s haste, a less-than-clear pricing system was created. They have a pricing plan that gives you prices based on the deadline and the quality level you require, but it is all a bit vague. Time limits of between three and five days are not fixed enough for a stressed and time-pressured student. Plus, the website doesn’t make it clear how many words each page consists of, or that the prices shown are per page.

Prices start at £8.99 for a passable standard, and those prices are what you get with a 6-day deadline. The reason the prices start so low is because their contracts state your project may be returned in six days or over, which means there is no set deadline for the company. In addition, the quality of the work you receive is substandard but passable.

Prices start at £8.99 for the lowest standard with the longest (undefined) deadlines, and they rise up to £24.99 per page. You may place orders right away for 2:2 standard work, but anything higher requires a consultation via live chat to see if there are writers available for your project. The 2:2 projects are accepted by default.

The only way to get a discount with this writing company is to sign up with their website, to receive their marketing emails, and then receive their seasonal discounts as per their discount schedule. To sign up, you will have to give them your email address, your name and your phone number. The live chat function speaks of a 50% discount, but that is only if you make orders over the price of $2000 in the space of 30 days.

Look over their refund policy, but be aware that you have very little recourse if they decide to mess you around, delay your work, or produce poor quality work. That is why it is best to start with a smaller project to test them out first. If you are happy with their work, then you may order a larger project, paper, essay, dissertation or assignment.

The prices that BritishAssignmentwriters.co.uk charge for low quality work are very reasonable. The prices they charge for middle-grade and top quality work are very high considering the fact that the company employs remote workers. It may be worth negotiating for better prices if you choose this essay writing company.

Contact their customer service department via live chat and demand discounts before ordering

Additional Feature
The company promises quality content and plagiarism-free papers and essays. They also claim that their papers are always delivered on time, but since their pricing plan includes semi-flexible deadlines, it means their claim about paper delivery is easy to fake. In the case of “non-satisfaction” (their words), they will amend your paper for you.

This writing company is not at the top of its game, and the team seems to have trouble getting essays to people on time and on budget. Despite the fact that the writing group behind the website have the right idea, they are implementing their ideas and their vision in a shoddy way. Keep an eye on this essay writing service and check on them from time-to-time to see if they have improved, but in today’s writing market, you can do better than BritishAssignmentwriters.co.uk.

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