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Assignmentace review

It had loads of typos (not a massive deal in my field as they’re not necessarily grading it on spelling and grammar, however, I’d rather it had less).
The essay didn’t always follow a logical argument and felt a bit dodgy. My lecturer made some remarks about the logic of my essay in their feedback and said it cost me quite a few marks.
I think I could have done better myself in the same time frame, so it kind of defeats the purpose of paying for the service.
I’m not going to lie, I felt a little bit dirty about using a service like this.
I think it’s worth saying off the bat that, assignmentace is really cheap compared to some of the other services I’ve seen and used.

When you’re looking for a service to help you write your essays, I get it that cheap isn’t always a selling point. I think that’s true of assignment ace.

So, to be clear, what assignment ace does is they take your title, and write an essay according to the specs you give them. There are loads of options to choose from on the form, and they have live chat support via a WhatsApp group if you need it (I used it once). I really like that you can choose the grade you want to achieve when you order, that’s a feature that some of the other sites I’ve looked at definitely don’t have.

I decided to write this assignmentace review because I haven’t seen one out there that is balanced, they tend to either be angry or over the moon. I wanted to make sure there was a review with lots of detail, I really want to help people make the right choice, it’s not a trivial thing getting an essay written for you.

I thought to myself that, if there were an assignmentace review like mine on the web, it might have helped me to decide whether they were worth my money. And that’s my hope here, to help other people decide.


Assignmentace prices its services by different outcomes you want to achieve and how long you want the essay back in your hands for. For example, if you wanted assignmentace to produce a 2:2 standard essay within 10 days, you’d pay £8 but, if you wanted assignment ace to create a first-class piece within 24 hours, you’d need to pay them £24. There’s lots of choice for timescale and grading, which I think is pretty handy.

Other assignment ace reviews seem to think the pricing is a good thing, but I feel that something that cheap has to be a bit dodgy. Having said that, when I went on assignmentace.co.uk and filled out the order form, it was clear that prices and discounts would be tailored to my needs. Other assignment ace reviews didn’t tell me that. If you’re asking them to produce an 80-page dissertation at first class within 24 hours, the price above (£24) is probably unlikely so, be prepared for costs to be adapted to your set up.

Quality and deadlines:

My piece was delivered just on time and was to a reasonable standard (got 57% so, right within the advertised range). Other people reviewing assignmentace.co.uk vary in opinion wildly. From those that say it was perfect to those who detest it. I liked the work they gave to me and used it as the base and turned it into my own words so that my lecturer wouldn’t be suspicious. It’s actually quite a useful learning resource when I think about it because I get to read well-written work on the subject I’m learning.

Final Review:

Would I use it again? I think I’d use this service again if I had a tight deadline or if I wanted to kick start a big piece of work. I would definitely avoid relying on it exclusively, and I’d want to make sure I covered my tracks before submitting the work.

Would I recommend it to others wishing to get help with their essay writing? Probably, but I’d want to make sure they knew what they were letting themselves in to.

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