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15writers Review

Today, many of us are searching for ways to simplify our lives. We are trying to optimize everything we need to do. And when we are studying, the pressure of daily routines becomes even more. Many students are feeling stressed, depressed, and anxious because of the tasks they cannot complete in time. Yet, some smart students know that that pressure can be reduced, time saved, and the most important, to live a stress-free life. The key to this is ordering some tasks online from a reliable team of academic writers.

And if you are on this page, you are probably considering 15writers.com as an academic writing partner. At the first step of our reviewal process, we noticed that this team has a controversial reputation. There are many negative 15writers.com reviews online, yet, there are some positive and neutral as well.

General Overview
When visiting 15writers website for the first time, the company looks professional. They have a business website with excellent content. But why we cannot trust this company? The answer is evident – this team is faceless. 15 writers do not have any team page with real-life photos of their team members or their CEO. Instead, they are sharing some stock photos with fake descriptions of proficiency. It looks even more suspicious when they tell their story. The team has only 15 professional writers, so why don’t they share their photos with others?

Yet, this company has a broad service offering. Basically, 15writers, if we rely on their website information, can deliver almost any kind of paper any UK student might need. How can be it be if they have only 15 writers? We are not sure that this team is qualified enough to handle a lot of orders. So, their promise to deliver work of any complexity on time sounds fake.

We wanted to learn more about this team for our 15writers review but could not do so since the support team does not work 24/7, and when we tried to contact them, they were offline. We even sent an email, but no one responded.

Prices and Discounts
No matter what county you live in, any student in the world has something in common: lots of tasks and empty pockets. Many students are earning working part-time, but it is not enough to order an expensive paper. When picking up an academic writing team, most of us consider the price and discounts it provides.

It was challenging to compare this team with others to provide you with the most packed 15 writers review. It is so because these guys do not have any separate page with prices. They are offering a small pricing calculator on their home page. On average, academic writing teams are charging 15 pounds per page for a standard essay paper, so we decided to see how much it will cost to get a similar paper.

We decided to get a three-page essay paper of undergraduate level with the urgency of 10 days. And the price we got for Standard 2:2 quality was 141 pounds. It is the highest price we had ever seen. At another reliable company, you need to pay less than 70 pounds for such paper.

What about discounts? They do not have ones. You cannot get a coupon or something similar. Yet, they are offering a bonus program, but it is unclear how to use these bonuses and their limitations. We saw a lot of 15writers reviews claiming about prices.

Quality and Deadlines
Whatever you buy, you always expect it to be delivered in time and be of the best quality. So, if you decide to order a 141-pound essay, you expect it to be in your inbox at least on the date. But it is not about this team. When checking their reputation, we found a lot of claims about late papers. Many students are claiming terrible paper quality as well and lots of revisions that are not free.

When writing 15writers review, we had many hopes about this team, but every step we made through this service and its reputation made us more and more disappointed. Nevertheless, we will unveil more details about this writing company.

Customer Reviews
Customers are the primary source of information about the company. It looks like this team has only a few loyal customers. Here what we found online about this team:

“I never thought that the company with such an excellent and professional website might be nuts. They charged a high price for a paper, and I get spun content.”

Ashley L.
“They stopped answering my calls after delivering a paper. The paper was a mess, and I wanted a revision, but no one did it for me. I cannot recommend them to anyone.”

Laura A.
“I had heard a lot of terrible stories about academic writing companies and thought that the most expensive one would be better than cheap writing. But I was wrong. I will never use this company again.”

David T.
“I had a couple of papers here, and each time they failed to deliver them on a date. Moreover, I spent a lot of time correcting grammar and spelling errors since these guys charge for revision.”

Amy Q.
Final Verdict
When writing the 15writers.com review, we really wanted to give this team a chance. They invested a lot of time and money into their online presence to make it look professional. But it seems like it had not helped them. With a team of 15 writers, we cannot say that this company can handle your tasks and help with all your stress.

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